Citysports Treadmills Review

citysports treadmill review

Citysports is a famous brand in the UK, retailing a slew of fitness equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and weight training gear. Their products are quality-made, durable, and user-friendly. Besides, you can find plenty of options regardless of your budget. In this guide, we’ll detail some of the best treadmills from Citysports, so …

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JLL IC350 Pro Review

JLL IC350 pro review

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable spin bike, you’re on the right page. JLL IC350 Pro is comfortable for long periods, challenging, and durable. However, it may not be perfect for everyone. We’ll discuss why in this guide below while analysing its features depending on your needs. Keep reading. Direct-Belt Driven JLL IC350 …

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JLL IC200 Pro Review

jll ic200 pro review

JLL IC200 Pro is an affordable indoor bicycle for beginners and intermediates. Compared to other stationary bikes in this price range, 200 Pro performs well. Besides, the JLL brand is trustworthy because it manufactures quality products and has excellent customer service. JLL IC200 Pro has reliable features, such as a 7 kg flywheel and 8-level …

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Vibration Plate Exercises: get STRONG with our 5-day plan

vibration plate exercises

Vibration plate exercises are a good way to tone and gain more strength. As the plate vibrates through your muscles, you get a better workout. Therefore, you can become fitter faster. However, it’s important to do effective exercise that challenges you. You have to work smart so that you can target your muscles comprehensively. Otherwise, …

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7 Best Pull Up Bars

best pull up bar

Pull-ups are ideal exercises. It doesn’t just work your upper body, but it improves your flexibility and endurance. If you do pull-up variations, you can build more core and leg strength. But what’s the best pull up bar? Pull-up bars come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to choose according to your fitness …

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6 Best Weighted Vests

best weighted vest uk

Weighted vests accelerate your weight loss and muscle gains because they force you to move while you’re heavier. That’s because your brain believes your bodyweight increase is real, so it tells your body to burn more calories. Besides, your muscles will work harder to sustain your heavier weight during your workout routines. But you need …

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