Air Bike Reviews: 6 Best MODELS for YOUR NEEDS

Air bikes are great for a whole range of purposes because they work the entire body and air resistance is less challenging than contact or magnetic resistance.

However, you have to choose the right product for your needs.

You can end up with an assault bike that’s best for rehabilitation, when you need one for HIIT. You’re also more prone to injuries and not as likely to reach your fitness goals effectively.

That’s why we’ll discuss six best assault bikes on the market through the lens of your needs. You can then decide depending on your preexisting conditions, fitness goals, and budget. Read along!


If you’re in a hurry, here are a few popular models:

Exercise Bike For Home Gym Fitness Equipment Cardio Aerobic Trainer Indoor Machine...
9 Reviews
Exercise Bike For Home Gym Fitness Equipment Cardio Aerobic Trainer Indoor Machine...
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We R Sports AirUno Air Assault Exercise Bike Cardio Machine Fitness Cycle HeavyDuty MMA...
  • The adjustability of the saddle makes this AirUno Fan Blade...
  • Heavy duty blades and an ingenious crank mechanism. A quick...
  • The Hybrid Seat provides a comfortable ride at a time where...
JLL Sonic Air Bike, Premium Air Resistance Fan Bike, Home Assault Bike, LCD Display, 6...
  • Air Resistance - With secure flywheel cage. Monitor: Time,...
  • Adjustable: Seat height and fore and aft position to suit...
  • Transport: Built in wheels, Colour: Black and Red.

Best Air Bikes the UK market currently has to offer

SportPlus Fan Bike Review: best for pain-free beginners

SportPlus Air Bike with air resistance and belt brake system - efficient HIIT exercise...
  • RESISTANCE: The resistance is generated by the belt brake...
  • TRAINING: The pedals of the Fan-Bike are connected to the...
  • FAN BIKE: The large wind wheel creates additional drag and...

The SportPlus Fan Bike is one of the best value bikes on the market, and that’s why it has so many positive reviews from happy customers.

Here’s what you need to take into account:

The resistance is driven by both a belt and air. That means the resistance adjusts itself continuously, but you can also change it manually to fit your needs. Therefore, most healthy people can benefit from a challenging cardiovascular exercise. If you’re a gym rat, though, remember that you’d need more resistance than that offered by an assault bike.

You can get a full-body workout. The pedals and handles are connected, so this Fan Bike activates all your muscle groups. Therefore, you can use it for stand-alone total body workouts, or to warm-up before more intense exercises. Thanks to the accurate monitor, you can evaluate your performance through stats like distance, calories, and time.

You can adjust the seat between 70 and 88 cm. This feature helps adapt the Fan Bike for the whole family, regardless of your heights. Thanks to this ergonomic adjustment, plus the padding and generous width, you’ll sit comfortably during your workout. Afterwards, you’ll walk away pain-free, without having to move like John Wayne.

The Fan Bike is well-engineered and best for most people who want to increase their cardiovascular capacity. However, it’s not gym quality, so it has some disadvantages:

Firstly, it’s just 25 kg, so you’ll need to get on and off it carefully. The belt resistance is another issue because the belt is made from nylon; therefore, it’s not very durable. But in the context of its affordable price, you can replace the belt at a low price.

  • Challenging enough for most people
  • Provides a full-body workout
  • Well-built and safe
  • Accurate computer
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat
  • Easy to transport
  • Not challenging enough for gym rats
  • You need to mount/ dismount carefully
  • You may need to replace the belt

FIT4HOME AB12 Review: best value-for-money for endurance and toning

FIT4HOME Exercise Bike Cross Trainer Gym Equipment For Home Exercise Bikes Fitness Cardio...
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER! Smooth and silent motion perfect for the...
  • Adjustable Resistance System. Adjustable Seat and handlebar
  • 20Kg Fly Wheel, Carton Size: 124 x 27 x 89CM, Chain...

The FIT4HOME AB12 Air Bike is better than the Sports Plus Fan Bike if you want a more affordable bike for your home gym that also offers more resistance.

Here’s why we believe it’s one of the best budget options on the market:

You can improve your cardiovascular endurance while toning your muscles. The adjustable resistance system works with chain & belt, but you also have a plastic fan resistance. This combination ensures your muscles have to push more against the bike, which ultimately has a toning effect. To make sure you’re challenging yourself, the incorporated pulse sensors give you accurate heart rate measurements.

You get a total body workout. The connection between the handles and pedals is rigid so that you’ll feel a wicked upper body burn as well.

The comfortable seat is 4-way adjustable. As such, you can move it forward and upward to maintain an anatomically correct position. Keeping good posture is essential if you want to avoid injuries and work your muscles to the max. Besides, the seat is comfortably cushioned and wide, so you can exercise for more extended periods.

You can listen to music. The AB12 has a built-in device holder for your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you can play motivating music or a distracting show while putting in the hard work.

It’s safe and strong. The metal frame is durable and allows more stability, plus it’s also chip-resistant. Another advantage is that the pedals are wide and come with adjustable foot straps that prevent your feet from slipping. Moreover, thanks to the anti-skid feature, you won’t fall off this assault bike.

That doesn’t mean the AB 12 Air Bike is perfect. For instance, some reviews state it can become noisy after some time, while others complain that the distance between the seat and the handle is too big even after making all the adjustments.

Besides, according to the instructions, you’re not able to ride while standing, which doesn’t sound particularly useful for spinning enthusiasts. This recommendation also contrasts with the fact that the AB12 looks and is marketed like a 2-in-1 bike and cross-trainer.

  • Suitable for both toning and cardio
  • Heart rate measurements
  • Suitable for total body workouts
  • Comfortable, 4-way adjustable seat
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Chip-resistant
  • Built-in device holder
  • Not perfectly silent
  • Not for standing

CARE FITNESS CA-700 Assault Bike Review: best budget option for beginners and pain recovery

CARE FITNESS CA-700 Air Bike - Exercise Bike with Air Resistance - 6 Training Programs -...
  • AIR BIKING: The air bike is also called air bike. This is a...
  • 2 in 1 ELLIPTIC BICYCLE: It has two moving arms, which makes...
  • EFFORT MONITORING: For a powerful effort tracking, this air...

Care Fitness CA-700 is a reliable stationary bike, even though it’s among the lightest in this review. As such, it may prove a little unstable even though it’s recommended for people up to 1.8m and 100kg.

The look and feel of the CA-700 assault bike may also think it’s fragile, but Care Fitness offers a 5-year warranty for the chassis and 2-year warranty for the parts. If you take into account the EN957 class H safety standard compliance, you’ll notice that CA-700 is good value for the money.

But what makes it different than other air bikes?

It features air resistance. There’s no belt or chain, which would otherwise increase the resistance. As such, this model is best for beginners, people with chronic pain, or those just recovering from injuries.

It has built-in programs. The mode button allows you to select the type of exercise you want, from short, challenging sprints to longer endurance workouts. The 6-function effort tracker enables you to keep track of your stats and train according to your needs. However, you may feel the lack of a pulse monitor.

It’s easy to use. The CA-700 assault bike is silent so that you can watch TV while you’re exercising. Besides, you can assemble it in minutes because you’ll only need to add a few screws.

As you can see, the CA-700 air bike is a fairly standard model with no bells and whistles so it might have some disadvantages for you. For example, you can’t adjust the seat, which is also a bit rigid compared to other indoor bikes. Moreover, there’s no heart rate monitor or device holder.

  • Easy resistance for beginners and people with chronic pain
  • You can select the program you want
  • Silent
  • Easy to set up
  • Lengthy warranties for the money
  • Can prove unstable
  • You cannot adjust the seat
  • No bells and whistles

JTX Mission Air Bike Review: Best Professional Air Bike for HIIT and Toning

jtx mission air bike review

If you’re ready to invest a little more in a proficient, heavy-duty assault bike for your home gym, JTX markets its Mission Air Bike as ideal for Cross Fit, endurance, and HIIT.

Here’s why you should consider this model:

It’s challenging. The unique combination of belt-driven fan and infinity resistance allows you to push yourself harder for intense workouts. Therefore, you can burn more calories and lose more weight. At the same time, you can improve your endurance and tone your muscles because the resistance increases the harder you push. That’s why JTX claims you can burn up to 80 calories in a minute.

best assault bike uk

You can track your performance to adapt your training style and to increase your motivation. The LCD monitor reads the basic stats such as calories, distance, speed, and time. But you can also purchase a separate heart rate monitor for pulse measurements. Take these stats into account to ensure your workouts are challenging and effective.

You can choose the right program for your needs. The JTX Mission Air Bike includes eight training programs, three of which are HIIT. As such, you can work out according to your fitness level and goals, without ever getting bored as you can mix and match these workouts however you want.

It’s heavy-duty. The Mission Air Bike weighs 63.5 kg, almost three times more than the Care Fitness CA-700. As such, it’s very steady, durable, and able to withstand prolonged intense workouts. JTX backs those claims with a 2-year in-home repair warranty.

It’s comfortable. The seat is large, cushioned, and fully adjustable to ensure your body maintains the correct posture throughout your workouts. Besides, the non-slip handles allow a reliable grip without having to squeeze hard. That way, you’ll avoid pain, injury, and calluses, while focusing better on your workouts.

  • Challenging, scalable resistance
  • Best for HIIT and weight loss
  • Accurate stats
  • Stable
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Eight training programs
  • Comfortable, easy-to-adjust seat
  • 2-year in-home repair warranty
  • Expensive
  • No heart rate monitor included
  • Heavy

Gorilla Sports Dual Action Review: best budget option for tall people

GORILLA SPORTS® Exercise Bike - Adjustable Resistance Levels, LCD Monitor, Pulse Sensors,...
  • 💪 GORILLA SPORTS FITNESS BIKE - Use this modern home...
  • 💪 USE / TRAINING - You can train standing or sitting. The...
  • 💪 HIGHLIGHTS - The ergonomic movement sequence ensures a...

The Gorilla Sports Dual Action Air Bike is another best budget option for fuss-free people.

What makes it different, though?

It’s just 16 kg. Compared to the Care Fitness CA-700, which is in the same price range, this bike is lighter and, therefore, it’s easier to move. Conversely, it can prove more unstable if you’re heavier or if you prefer more vigorous exercise.

The seat is height-adjustable. The fact that you can adjust the seat height between 71 and 96 cm is a definite plus because you can use the Gorilla Sports Dual Action Air Bike even if you’re 1.9 m tall, according to the seller. However, if you’re that tall, you’d have to lean over the handles somehow. You can still get an effective workout and keep your back straight while doing that, though, which more than you can say about the CA-700.

It’s easy to use. The resistance is easy to adjust by pedalling harder, so you’ll always work out according to your fitness level. However, the Gorilla Sports assault bike doesn’t feature infinity resistance like the JTX Mission, so you won’t find it good enough if you’re advanced.

You also need to take into account the potential minuses. For instance, the seat looks relatively rigid, and you might have to put up with some noises. Besides, the computer isn’t the easiest to read, especially if your eyesight isn’t top-notch.

  • Light
  • Easy to move
  • Height-adjustable seat
  • The resistance works for most people
  • Too unstable and low-resistance for vigorous exercise
  • Rigid seat

We R Sports AirUno Review: best professional air bike for heavy people

We R Sports AirUno Air Assault Exercise Bike Cardio Machine Fitness Cycle HeavyDuty MMA...
  • The adjustability of the saddle makes this AirUno Fan Blade...
  • Heavy duty blades and an ingenious crank mechanism. A quick...
  • The Hybrid Seat provides a comfortable ride at a time where...

The We R Sports Air Uno is another heavy-duty model for challenging workouts that comes at a price to match its quality.

If you’re looking for an assault bike in this price range, you’re probably thinking how this model compares to the JTX Mission.

It has a higher weight limit. While the JTX Mission’s recommended max weight is 110 kg, the Air Uno accommodates people up to 150 kg. Besides, this model is 10 cm higher than the JTX Mission, which is best for tall people.

It’s best for endurance. The combination of air and belt resistance is better for endurance, whereas JTX’s air and infinity resistance is best for HIIT and muscle toning. That’s because with JTX you can increase the resistance as much as you want if you’re improving your speed. Conversely, the Air Uno has an upper resistance limit over which you can’t pass. The only remaining way to challenge yourself after you reach this level is by increasing the duration of your workout, thereby improving your endurance capacity.

Its seat is arguably more comfortable. Although you can adjust Air Uno’s seat just like you can with JTX Mission, the Hybrid design has a more comfortable feel. But, if you’re using Air Uno for endurance, it’s obvious you need a seat that’s comfy for long periods.

It includes a heart rate monitor. The Air Uno’s monitor measures all your stats, including Watt and pulse, apart from the usual ones. However, you need to purchase the belt separately.

That said, the Air Uno is challenging to assemble according to some online reviews. Also, by comparison through JTX, it only comes with a 1-year warranty, which is arguably too little for the money.

  • Good up to 150 kg
  • Stable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Best for endurance
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Heart-rate monitor included
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Short 1-year warranty


Now that you’ve seen the best models on the market let’s see if you still have unanswered questions.

What Is An Assault Bike?

An air bike, also known as an assault bike, is a type of stationary bicycle for home use. The two main differences between assault bikes and stationary bikes are that:

  • You’re using air resistance, which is not as challenging as contact or magnetic resistance.
  • You’re working your upper body too because the handles and pedals are connected.

How Does It Work?

When you’re pedalling, you’re activating a fan that spins and, therefore, resists the movement of your muscles to make them work harder. Some models use chain or belt-driven resistance as well to challenge your muscles even more.

When you’re pedalling, you’re also moving your upper body. This movement helps you burn more calories because your entire body gets a good workout.

That said, air bikes are safe and easy to use for beginners and rehabilitation. They’re also useful for metabolic conditioning and overcoming weight loss plateaus because HIIT is a type of cardio that doesn’t lead to muscle mass loss.

What Muscles Does Assault Bike Work?

An assault bike works your entire body. Your legs drive the pedals, your biceps and shoulders are pushing on the handles, while your triceps and lats are pulling on them, plus your core stays contracted so that you can maintain the correct posture.

As such, assault bikes are best for:

  • HIIT
  • Total body workouts
  • Warm-ups
  • Quick calorie burn – up to 90/ minute depending on how hard you’re working
  • Rehabilitation

In Conclusion

If you’re here, you saw with your own eyes how each assault bike’s features influence its best use. That’s why it’s essential to choose according to your needs.

As such, light air bikes are best for rehabilitation workouts, beginners, and petite individuals. They’re also cheaper, so they’re better for people with small budgets. By contrast, heavy-duty models like the JTX Mission are best for muscle building, HIIT, and overall sturdiness.

Why is it essential to choose according to your needs? Because otherwise, you’re more prone to injuries and also not reaching your goals as quickly as you could.


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