5 Best Heavy Duty Treadmills

Choosing the best heavy-duty treadmill is easy if you know what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, many people believe they need to spend a 4-figure sum on a quality treadmill if they’re overweight.

We’ll show you that’s not true.

Sure, we’ll feature some higher-priced items, but we’ll also discuss some quality mid and low-priced treadmills. That way, you can choose a heavy-duty treadmill that you’ll love despite your weight and budget.

Read along to find out how:

Things To Consider Before Buying

If you need the best treadmill for heavy persons, here’s what you need to watch out for:

Stable, Sturdy Design

You want a treadmill that sports a heavy-duty metal frame, high-power motor, and rugged running belt.

Of course, the heavy-duty and quality materials cost more and render heavier treadmills that are difficult to move. But, if you’re willing to pay the price, it’s wiser to invest in a heavy-duty or semi-commercial treadmill.


Heavy people are more predisposed to chronic pain because their bones have to support more weight. So, when you’re walking or running, the impact force to your joints and bones is much higher.

With an impact-absorbing treadmill deck, you can counteract that force, but beware; treadmills that use high-tech trademarked technology to ensure more cushioning are usually more expensive.

Running Area

Running area, especially running width, is critical if you’re heavyset because you’ll need that additional balance. If you’re also tall or running at higher speeds, you need a longer deck too.

So, look for treadmills at least 40-50 cm in width and 120+ cm in length.

Additional Factors Depending On Your Goals

Those three factors are paramount for heavyset people, but now let’s look at other factors that will vary according to your needs/ goals:

  • Budget: that’s a no-brainer. Don’t rob a bank to buy a high-tech treadmill, but think about whether you want to spend £2000 for a treadmill that will last forever, or if you’re okay with getting a treadmill that will last 5-10 years.
  • Incline: a higher incline allows you to get your heart rate up into the fat-burning zone without running. Besides, incline helps you gain muscle strength and lose weight faster, especially in combination with running. To choose the best incline treadmill for your needs, know that an intermediate-level person would need about 15ᵒ for a challenging workout.
  • Speed: you know your limits. If you don’t like running and have a smaller budget, consider a non-motorised treadmill or one that only reaches 10-12 km/h. If you like running or want to lose weight faster, consider an 18-25 km/h max speed.
  • Quick buttons for speed and incline: best if you like HIIT and need to change quickly between high and low-impact intervals.
  • Programmes: built-in workouts and app connectivity benefit beginners who don’t know how to tweak the intensity to achieve the best results yet. Besides, a wide array of programmes is also suitable for motivation. However, some people don’t need those extra workouts because they know what they like and can keep their motivation up otherwise. So, don’t spend an arm and a leg on a workout-packed treadmill just for the sake of having one.
  • Accessories: it’s nice to have a treadmill with an included water bottle holder or tablet holder. But again, some people may not be willing to spend more money to get those accessories.
  • Entertainment: options like Bluetooth, speakers, or USB will raise your treadmill’s price, but they’ll also help keep you motivated for longer.

Best Heavy Duty Treadmills

Now that you know what you want out of your treadmill, let’s start discussing some excellent models:

Branx Fitness Foldable’ Elite Runner Pro’: best versatile treadmill for 25 stone people

Branx Fitness Foldable 'Elite Runner Pro' Soft Drop System Treadmill - 6.5HP Motor 0-22...
  • Now with 'Bluetooth' and The Perfect Running Area: 140 x...
  • Foldable treadmill with cushioned 'Dual Shock 10-Point...
  • Superb 21km/h Max Speed (13mph)

The Elite Runner Pro is the best treadmill for 25-stone people because it supports that weight and is made with heavy people in mind.

For example, the heavy-duty construction shows that this treadmill can withstand many use and abuse, even from heavyset people. Besides, the powerful 6.5 HP motor is likely to run for ages.

Elite Runner Pro is a good treadmill for heavy persons, thanks to its dual-shock 10-point absorption system. If you’re overweight, you know that walking puts a lot of pressure on your knees and shins. If you’re running, you’re even more predisposed to shin splints and chronic pain.

That’s why we advised you in the previous section to find a well-cushioned treadmill. Well, Elite Runner Pro fits the bill magnificently.

Another excellent feature for heavy people is the 40 x 48cm running area because you’ll have plenty of space to run as fast as you want. By comparison, narrower running surfaces can destabilise you.

Not, let’s see what goals you can reach on this treadmill.

Let’s begin with the 21 km/h maximum speed limit. This number tells you that you can run pretty fast on the Elite Runner Pro, which means you can quickly get your heart rate in the fat-burning or even anaerobic zone.

Consequently, you can lose weight with the speed of lightning.

Then there’s the 0-22 level auto incline. This many incline levels ensure that you can adjust the Elite Runner Pro to your needs quickly. Therefore, you can accelerate your heart rate to that fat-burning zone even without running.

Besides, walking at an angle strengthens your leg and core muscles so that you’ll sculpt your body as well as lose weight.

Speaking of that core sculpting, here’s another advantage: you can use Elite Runner Pro’s cushioned deck for abs and lower back exercises, especially as there’s built-in support for core workouts.

Here’s another bonus: quick buttons for specific speeds and inclines. These quick buttons allow you to get to the desired incline/ speed faster, which is safer and best for HIIT when you need to change between intervals quickly.

On top of that, Elite Runner Pro features 24 built-in programs so that you can pick the proper workout for your needs each day.

And since you can use Elite Runner Pro for such diverse workouts, it wins our best versatile treadmill award.

  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Powerful motor
  • Cushiony
  • Silent
  • Wide running area
  • Works for strength training, core workouts, HIIT, steady-state cardio
  • 21 km/h max speed
  • 22 incline levels
  • 24 programmes
  • Quick buttons for speed and incline
  • Bluetooth
  • BMI feature
  • Two years parts and labour, five years warranty on frame and motor
  • It’s advertised as foldable, but it won’t save you much space when you do fold it
  • Heavy (93 kg)

Check price and reviews on Amazon UK

Also, you can read a more in-depth review of the Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ treadmill here.

JTX Club-Pro: Professional Treadmill: best semi-commercial treadmill with awesome entertainment and programmes

jtx club pro treadmill

Check on JTX Fitness.

JTX Club Pro is 2.5 times more expensive than the Elite Runner Pro, but it’s a semi-commercial treadmill. As such, it will withstand more abuse and for longer; according to JTX, this treadmill has been built for 4-7 hours of daily workouts.

Just compare the two treadmills’ warranties: this one has a 10-year guarantee for the motor and a lifetime for the frame. Conversely, Elite Runner Pro offers just five years for the frame and engine.

Surprisingly, the Elite Runner Pro has a more potent motor at 6.5 HP, whereas JTX Club Pro’s engine reaches 4 HP. Another difference in Elite Runner Pro’s favour regards the incline levels, with JTX Club Pro offering just 15 levels of incline compared to Runner Pro’s 22 levels.

The speeds are pretty similar too. Elite Runner Pro gets to 21 km/h, whereas JTX Club Pro gets to 22 km/h.

And here’s where JTX Club Pro’s advantages start.

Firstly, you get a much larger running deck of 155 x 57 cm. That means the JTX Club Pro is better for tall and heavy people, especially if you find you lose your balance when you’re running.

Secondly, Club Pro features 43 programs plus heart rate training. These many workouts allow you to find your motivation and discover what works for you. If you’re an overweight beginner, inspiration and appropriate exercises will keep you on track towards your fitness goals.

Besides, the 8-point Cushionstep-Pro Deck is a trademarked design that’s proven to offer superior shock absorption compared to other technologies. Therefore, you can push yourself as fast as you want on this treadmill without triggering your pressure points.

JTX Club Pro far outweighs the Elite Runner Pro in terms of entertainment too.

Elite Runner Pro features only Bluetooth, whereas the JTX Club Pro sports speakers, a tablet holder, and an MP3 port. All that is topped off by the Kinomap integration, which allows you to try a myriad of workout videos.

  • Allows 4-7 hours daily workouts
  • Steel frame with a lifetime warranty
  • 4 HP motor with a 10-year warranty
  • 22 km/h speed
  • 15 incline levels
  • Quick speed and incline buttons
  • Commercial-grade shock absorption
  • The solid, stable, and wide running deck
  • Silent
  • 5-inch LED screen
  • 43 built-in programmes
  • Tablet holder
  • MP3 port
  • Built-in speakers
  • Kinomap integration
  • It weighs 167 kg
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t fold

Find out more on JTX Fitness.

FitnessClub Folding Treadmill: best affordable non-motorised treadmill for walking and beginners

Folding Treadmill Walking Machine Manual Cardio Fitness Exercise Slope Adjustment...
  • Not electric ,Best for home exercise, convenience and...
  • Product Size: 105cm x 53cm x 115cm,Capacity (Max...
  • An easy-to-read LED Display Screen:...

This FitnessClub Treadmill is very affordable – it costs about ten times less than the Elite Runner Pro and twenty times less than the JTX Club Pro. That cost can make you grimace, but rest assured, we’re not recommending a low-quality product.

Instead, FitnessClub Treadmill offers excellent basic functionality without all the bells and whistles of the other two running bands above.

But here’s one crucial reason why this treadmill costs much less: it’s non-motorised. As such, you’ll have to push to activate it, which means it only works as fast as you work.

The good part is you get a 10% maximum incline. Of course, more incline would have been better, but even 10% works for overweight beginners. Besides, you get one slope for climbing and one for mountaineering so that you can challenge yourself according to your current level and your goals.

Other than that, this treadmill supports people up to 150 kg, and it folds, making it perfect for compact rooms.

On the downside, you’re not getting any programmes, heart rate readings, or trademarked cushioning. Even the running area is much smaller compared to the two other treadmills above. But that’s okay if you consider that this treadmill is for beginners. The only problem is you won’t be able to get this treadmill if you’re very tall.

But you do get an adjustable arm height, which is excellent if you’re mobility challenged.

  • Very affordable
  • 10% incline
  • 150 kg max weight
  • Foldable
  • Accurate stats
  • Adjustable arm height
  • The narrow and short running deck
  • No bells and whistles
  • Not as durable as the two previous treadmills

Check price and reviews on Amazon UK

OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Treadmill: best silent treadmill for people with chronic pain who want lower body strength

No products found.

The OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Treadmill has a unique selling proposition that makes it stand out: it uses magnetic levitation. That was obvious from the name, but what is it exactly?

This technology features a suspended running board with 30 mm elastic cushioning. As such, it magnetically recoils when you’re running on the treadmill. Thanks to this recoil, the impact on your knees and spines is reduced by 50%.

Therefore, this treadmill is best for people with chronic bone pain or those predisposed to bone injuries. And as we discussed before, heavyset people are predisposed to those types of injuries.

Luckily, the OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Treadmill supports people up to 150 kg (330 pounds).

Another unique selling proposition is the quiet operation. Here’s how that works:

The OneV Treadmill uses dual-link shock absorption plus a high-density soundproof enclosure. This system is surrounded by 16 supercharged magnetic poles that remove any noise-causing friction.

Another helpful feature is Bluetooth connectivity. Use it to start the music for extra motivation, or play a workout video to reach your goals faster.

However, keep these things in mind if you like the OneV FT treadmill:

  • Its speed range is 1-12 km/h. As a result, you won’t be able to use it for high-speed running. So, we recommend this for beginners or people who prefer slower-paced jogs.
  • The running surface is smaller than Elite Runner Pro and JTX Club Pro at 127 x 43 cm. Don’t get us wrong; this surface is just what you can expect for the price range, and it’s not bad for heavy people who run up to 12 km/h. Still, a wider surface can offer you more balance.
  • The incline is fixed at 8ᵒ. This angle can increase your lower body strength, but it’s a bummer that you can’t change it down.

Still, you can try one of OneV FT treadmill’s 12 modes, or you can connect to the dedicated sports app to find a workout that’s suitable for you. After your session, tap to fold the treadmill to a very compact size so that you can store it conveniently under a sofa or bed.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Very silent
  • 150 kg max weight
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sufficient running area
  • Anti-static running belt
  • 8ᵒ incline
  • 1-12 km/h speed
  • Affordable enough
  • Huge screen
  • Wide trays
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Tap-to-fold design
  • You can’t change the incline
  • Other treadmills allow faster speeds and broader running areas

Check price and reviews on Amazon UK

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill: versatile mid-range priced treadmill

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2022 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20...
  • Speed ranges from 0.3 km/h to 18 km/h; Incline ranges from 0...
  • 5-inch LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance,...
  • Running area size is 122 cm in length and 41 cm in width;...

JLL T350 is a good treadmill for people weighing up to 120 kg who want to scale up their fitness level. Firstly, you can replicate running outdoors by personalising your workouts and adjusting speed and incline.

The 20 built-in workouts include three customisable programmes with different speeds and inclines. That way, you can easily find what works for you daily.

Bonus: the JLL T350 comes with a program booklet that helps you establish the right fitness goals and reach them faster.

The speed interval is relatively high for the price range, seeing as T350’s maximum speed is 18 km/h. Also, the 20 incline levels help tone your lower body muscles.

Warning: those 20 incline levels don’t climb up to 20ᵒ – so don’t expect a considerable angle.

The 16-point cushion deck is another advantage for heavy people. Just like we discussed in the initial section, you need this shock absorption to protect your joints, especially when you’re running or exercising at an angle.

T350 boasts an enviable control technology too. The treadmill is touch-sensitive; it features Bluetooth, USB, and powerful speakers.

The folding part isn’t that great, though. Sure, it saves you some space, but the T350 doesn’t fold as neatly as the OneV FT Treadmill.

Another downside is the 121 x 41 cm running area. This surface is smaller than other treadmills in this review, so it’s not that good for high-speed running, especially if you’re tall.

Besides, some customers have complained about the noise, so the JLL T350 isn’t as silent as the other mid and high-range priced running machines in this review.

  • 20 built-in workouts
  • Three customisable programs
  • 20 incline levels
  • 16-point cushion deck
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Speakers
  • Tablet shelf
  • Supports lower weight people compared to other treadmills above
  • It’s not highly silent
  • The somewhat narrow and short running deck
  • It doesn’t fold completely

Check price and reviews on Amazon UK

Alternatively, read our full review of the JLL T350 treadmill here.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best heavy-duty treadmill is easy if you have clearly defined goals and know what motivates you. Thus, if you know yourself well, you’re going to get that perfect treadmill with no buyer’s remorse.

That’s what we tried to do in this review, so we analysed all five models above in terms of your goals, current fitness level, home environment, and budget. Here’s a quick reminder:

  • Branx Elite Runner Pro: Best versatile treadmill for 25 stone people
  • JTX Club-Pro: Best semi-commercial treadmill with fantastic entertainment and programmes
  • FitnessClub: Best affordable non-motorised treadmill for walking and beginners
  • OneV FT: Best silent treadmill for people with chronic pain who want lower body strength
  • JLL T350: Versatile mid-range priced treadmill

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