7 Best Pull Up Bars

Pull-ups are ideal exercises. It doesn’t just work your upper body, but it improves your flexibility and endurance. If you do pull-up variations, you can build more core and leg strength.

But what’s the best pull up bar?

Pull-up bars come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to choose according to your fitness goals, preferred training, and home features. That means you have to consider elements like handholds, inclines, adjustment options, holes, TRX inserts, and much more.

Navigating through these notions and myriad of pull-up bar models can take you hours of research. Read the article below to choose the best product for your needs.

We’ve selected seven of the most popular models, across price ranges and designs. We’ve also analysed their features by taking into account the advantages they bring you. Read along.

Best pull-up bar reviews

ONETWOFIT Pull Up Bar: best wall-mounted for heavy people

OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Set Chin Up Station Home Gym Workout...
132 Reviews
OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Set Chin Up Station Home Gym Workout...
  • VERY WELL-BUILT and SOLID STRUCTURE:Made of high-grade steel...
  • DETACHABLE and ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN:Package comes with a...
  • VERSATILITY:This model has various handles which allow you...

The ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Pull-up Bar is one of the best indoor pull up bars for heavy people because it can support up to 330 pounds. ONETWOFIT specifically designed this product with high-grade steel and included twelve mounting holes to ensure this rugged design.

Besides, their model is ergonomic and comfortable, with lots of padding throughout the arms and back, plus non-slip handles. Considering its length is 96 cm, this ONETWOFIT pull-up bar allows a wide range of exercises, such aschin-ups, push-ups, leg raises, sit-up, plus resistance training

You can even use it for boxing. That way, you can exercise your entire body to lose more weight and build more muscles, without purchasing additional home gym equipment.

We also recommend the ONETWOFIT multifunctional bar because it’s detachable and easy to install.

On the downside, you need to install it only on brick, tile, or cement walls. Some customers also noticed that the included mounting hardware isn’t top-quality, so many people bought other nuts and bolts. Besides, the armrests’ plastic cover might crack with time, although that doesn’t affect the bar’s functionality.

  • EU appearance patent
  • 330 pounds max weight
  • Durable
  • Easy to detach
  • Ergonomic foam padding
  • Comfortable for long workouts
  • Grippy
  • Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • You can’t install it on hollow walls
  • You may need replacement nuts and bolts
  • The armrests’ plastic sides may crack with time

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Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station: best free-standing pull-up bar

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout...
11,271 Reviews
Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout...
  • 【Multi-function Equipment】It is a multi-functional dip...
  • 【Sturdy Construction with Double Stability】Our CITYBIRDS...
  • 【Secure Ergonomic Design】The arm-support part of this...

This Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station is one of the best free-standing pull-up bars on the market because it’s sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable.

That means you can do plenty of upper, core, and lower body exercises on this bar to reach all your fitness goals quickly. From knee and leg raises to dips and pull-ups, you’ll get toned promptly.

Here’s another thing:

This bar is built for the tall and heavy. Its 14-gauge heavy square steel construction, 110 cm length and eight support points ensure extra stability for people up to 400 pounds. According to many happy customers, this Power Tower doesn’t even slip on tile floors.

You’ll also enjoy the ergonomic design that features some additional advantages compared to the ONETWOFIT pull-up bar above. For instance, the 10ᵒ inward tilt angle prevents upper body strains and slipping. Besides, you can adjust this pull-up bar’s height on four levels between 165 and 225 cm.

You can even tilt the backrest front and back to fit your body shape and exercise needs.

And the best part:

Sportsroyals offers 3-year service for their product.

On the other hand, the Power Tower doesn’t support resistance bands or a boxing bag because it’s a free-standing model.

  • Thick steel frame for durability
  • Long H-shape base for extra stability
  • Height-adjustable on four levels
  • Seven back support positions
  • Inclined armrests for extra comfort
  • Grippy
  • 3-year service
  • You can’t hang other equipment from it

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Gorilla Gym Power Fitness Package: best telescopic pull up bar for muscle micro-targeting

No products found.

The Gorilla Gym Fitness Package includes versatile equipment for upper body and core exercises. The abs strapsand the pull-up extender are easy to mount on your 24-36-inch doorway, without any drilling.

Besides, this pack is stable and sturdy. The patented vice grips ensure some extra support during your workouts. Moreover, these grips support a correct posture throughout your exercise and allow a broader range of motion.

Another advantage to the vice grips and stabilisers is that you can try more hand positions. That way, you can target different upper body and core muscles each time. As a result, you’ll build more strength faster.

The first thought is that minimalist door-mounted pull-up bars restrict your exercise choices if you’re like most people.

That’s not true.

According to the Gorilla Gym guide, you can do many more exercises than pull-ups. If you get bored of classic moves, try Skin-the-Cat or Icecream-Makers.

You’ll also have a safe experience because the Gorilla Gym Power Fitness Pack has an ASTM International certification for people up to 300 pounds. This equipment also features dense EVA padding to protect your door.

Now for the minuses:

Some people say they can’t do Yoga Swings on this bar. Others are unhappy with the upwards pointing cap nuts, which may catch your chin if you’re not careful. However, these things are minor flaws that don’t affect the bar’s functionality.

From that regard, we’re more interested in the lack of adjustments compared to a wall-mounted or free-standing pull-up bar.

That’s why we added the next product on our list:

  • Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • Stable
  • Wide range of motion
  • Promotes correct posture
  • 300 pounds max weight
  • Doesn’t fit on some doors
  • No available adjustments
  • Could catch your chin on the upward-facing nuts

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FORIDE Pull Up Bar: best adjustable doorway pull-up bar

FORIDE Pull Up Bar Pull-Ups Bar for Upper Body Workout Chin-Up Bar Adjustable Steel Padded...
17 Reviews
FORIDE Pull Up Bar Pull-Ups Bar for Upper Body Workout Chin-Up Bar Adjustable Steel Padded...
  • NO Trace On Your Door- Unique rhombus structure guarantees...
  • Easy to assemble- You only take minutes to set it up and...
  • Sturdy Locking Mechanism- Made of stainless steel, will...

We won’t promise you’ll get as ripped as the two people on the product page, but we believe FORIDE Pull-Up Bar may help.

Besides, it’s a telescopic doorway type of pull-up bar that features precisely what the Gorilla Gym Package lacked: adjustability. That means you can personalise its length anywhere from 75 to 170 cm, as long as your doorframe allows it.

Take a second to look at the Gorilla Gym Package above. Its pull-up bar only fits 24-36-inch doorways, whereas the FORIDE bar can extend to twice that length.

Another advantage is that the FORIDE allows you to install gym rings or resistance bands, unlike the Gorilla Gym Package.

We also like its safety and sturdiness.

For instance, it’s made with sturdy stainless steel and supports people up to 180 kg. It also comes with soft anti-skid PVC mats for your doorway so that your walls on crack. Just make sure not to install it on hollow or glass doors. Also, some customers complain about not receiving instructions or getting only the Chinese version.

You can use this pull-up bar for various exercises, such as dips, crunches, chin-ups, leg raises, and pull-ups.

However, newbies might prefer the extra support they get from Gorilla Gym’s arm loops. Gorilla Gym’s vice grips and stabilisers also offer an increased range of motion and muscle micro-targeting for faster strength building.

On the other hand, FORIDE Pull-Up Bar is more versatile. Its adjustability makes it easy to use in various places and by more than one person in your household. Plus, the fact that you can hang other gym equipment on it makes it easier to use for your favourite type of training.

  • Adjustable for different doorways
  • Easy to use for other sports
  • Fits 65-180 cm doors
  • You can install extra gym equipment
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip
  • 180 kg max weight
  • Lacking or Chinese instructions with some products

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Sportstech 4in1 Pull-up Bar KS300 Wall Mounted: best multifunctional bar for concrete walls

Sportstech 4in1 Pull-up Bar KS300 Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar, 3 eyelets for TRX & punching...
999 Reviews
Sportstech 4in1 Pull-up Bar KS300 Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar, 3 eyelets for TRX & punching...
  • ✅...
  • ✅ 𝟯 𝗚𝗥𝗜𝗣...

Sportstech 4in1 KS300 Pull-up Bar is one of the best products for multifunctional training because you can add boxing bags, power ropes, and TRX straps. So, if you’re into cross-training, you can use this pull-up bar for all your exercises.

That way, you can get a complete full-body workout to build more strength and keep your motivation up. If you ever run out of workout ideas, the included e-Book will help you with plenty of suggestions.

Besides, the pull-up bar is adjustable and comfortably padded. You can use six handles and three bar positions(wide, parallel, or narrow) to comprehensively target your muscles.

By comparison, the previous wall-mounted pull-up bar in this review, aka the ONETWOFIT, doesn’t have as many workout options and positions.

And here’s another point in the KS300’s favour:

This pull-up bar features water-repelling handles for increased grip. Another advantage is the cross- and V- strutting design that ensures more stability.

The piece of resistance is that the KS300 supports up to 300 kg – the total sum of your weight and your equipment’s weight.


Why did we decide the ONETWOFIT pull-up bar is best for heavy people, then?

Unfortunately, KS300 only works on concrete walls. So, whether you’re a heavy or lightweight person living in a house with brick or tile walls, KS300 is useless. Alas, no product is perfect!

  • Affordable
  • Best for multifunctional training
  • Workout e-book
  • Three bar positions
  • Six handles
  • Water-resistant handles
  • Stable
  • Supports 300 kg
  • Just for concrete walls

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JX FITNESS: best value for money wall-mounted pull-up bar

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Home Gym Punch Bag and TRX Training Hook...
3,966 Reviews
JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Home Gym Punch Bag and TRX Training Hook...
  • ◆ HIGH QUALITY ENGINEERING: Made of heavy-duty steel with...
  • ◆ MULTI-FUNCTION EXERCISE BAR: Ultimate body sculpting and...
  • ◆ MORE EXERCISE SPACE: If you're looking for a step up...

JX Fitness is a famous fitness brand that retails high-quality equipment. This pull-up bar lives up to its company’s reputation because it’s sturdy and comfortable. That’s because the heavy-duty steel construction, reinforced beams, and triangular support ensure a safe design for rugged use.

Besides, this pull-up bar can hold up to 275 pounds. On the downside, most customers don’t like the quality of the anchor bolts provided.

You’ll also like the comfy high-density foam grips that protect your arms and allow a broader range of motion. However, these grips aren’t incredibly durable.

And, just like with the KS300, you can install TRX straps, power ropes, and a boxing bag. The result is that you’ll avoid boredom and reach your fitness goals faster.

But here’s the problem:

Unlike more expensive pull-up bars, the JX Fitness bar lacks some depth and width. Therefore, you may not use it for all the exercises you want.

Here’s what might convince you:

The bar features 2-year warranty and lifetime service, even if it costs just around £55. That means JX Fitness is confident in their product’s durability and your satisfaction.

  • Durable, thick steel design
  • Sturdy cross-strutting support
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable
  • Various grip positions
  • Three eyelets for extra equipment
  • Mediocre-quality anchor bolts
  • Not the most accommodating depth and width
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HAKENO New Pull Up Bar: best budget telescopic bar

HAKENO Pull Up Bar No Screw Installation Doorway Chin up Bar Length Adjustable With...
499 Reviews
HAKENO Pull Up Bar No Screw Installation Doorway Chin up Bar Length Adjustable With...
  • 💪【Easy Installation Without Drilling】- Only takes...
  • 💪【Adjustable Pull-Up Bars】 The gym bar is portable...
  • 💪【NO Marks Left On Doors】Using a soft anti-skid pad...

The HAKENO New Pull-Up Bar is one of the best budget options if you want a doorframe-type pull-up bar. The most important reason for this claim is its lifetime warranty, even considering its small retail price. So, if you’re unhappy with it, you can get a refund or replacement.

HAKENO is confident in their bar’s durability, though. That’s because it’s made with heavy-duty ALC alloy steel, which is a rugged material, although very lightweight. So, this 6-pound pull-up bar can support up to 600 pounds, which is on par with more expensive products in this review.

Thus, you can use this bar for various workout routines, such as pull-ups, sit-ups, windshield wipers, hamstring curls, leg raises, stretches, and more.

You’ll stay safe while exercising thanks to the sturdy-locking mechanism that doesn’t allow the bar to rotate when you’re using it. Besides, the silicone pad is non-slip, while the foam grips offer extra cushioning.

But here’s the love-it-or-hate-it feature:

The silicone pad is extra-large. Beginners or people with smaller hands might prefer a narrower bar for better grip.

The bar only works for 28-38-inch doorways, but it feels less sturdy when you extend it towards its upwards limit. So, if you’re heavyset or have a low-quality door, consider using this bar on a narrower doorway.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lightweight
  • Supports up to 600 pounds
  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Grippy silicone pad
  • Cushiony
  • The silicone pad can be too large for some people
  • It fits a small range of doorways
  • Loses sturdiness when extended to the longest setting

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In Conclusion

Choose the best pull up bar according to your fitness goals, home features, and favourite training. For instance, free-standing pull-up bars are best for versatile training, lots of space, and less sturdy walls/ doorways. If you’re space-challenged, consider a wall-mounted or telescopic bar.

Telescopic bars are easier to install and move around, but they can restrict your range of motion to your doorframe’s width. Conversely, wall-mounted bars are more challenging to set up and will remain in your home forever. Don’t forget you also need sturdy, concrete or brick walls.

That said, all pull-up bars in this review are quality, comfortable, and versatile. Choose the best one for your needs if you crave challenging workouts that help you build more strength.

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