5 Best Free Standing Punch Bags

Free standing punching bags are everyone’s favourites. And that happens for a reason.

If you want to work out in the privacy of your home, without having to drill your walls, this equipment will give you all the convenience and oomph you need.

But you’re here looking for the best free standing punch bag, right?

You came to the right place because we’ll analyse five of the most popular, well-sold items on the UK market.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags: UK Reviews

Without any further ado, let’s put down our gloves and start reading:

Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag: best for reflex training

The Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch bag is best if you’re into shadow boxing or light cardio thanks to its complementary design particularities.

For instance, the base is narrow so that you can shift 360ᵒ around the bag without tripping. You can exercise speed and skill without worrying that the Gallant bag will fall because the base is sturdy enough if you fill it with sand.

If you need less resistance, you can fill the base with water as well. That way, you can transport the punching bag to another place more easily after finishing your workout.

Another reason why this punch bag is suited for martial arts and kickboxing is its height. At 160 cm, you can easily use it for all sorts of kicks and punches, including uppercuts.

Besides, the shock-absorbing foam will protect your knuckles so that you can train harder and longer.

Its combination of materials prevents excessive recoil, from the heavy base to the shock-absorbing 5-cm thick EPE foam and the rubber connector stand.

But here’s what you need to remember:

The Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Bag will sway back and forward because it’s a reflex-type bag, best for building your reflexes through shadow boxing-type workouts.

If you fill it with water and hit it hard, the boxing bag will wobble, and the water will leak.

The only way to keep it still is to fill it with lots of sand, and add a non-slip mat beneath it. But you’ll need a heap of patience too because the sand hole is relatively narrow.

So, if you want a punching bag that can remain perfectly still, check out other models below.

  • Best for beginners, light cardio, and shadow boxing
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to rips and tears
  • Versatile
  • Tall enough for most kicks
  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • Knuckle-friendly
  • Durable
  • Not best for forceful hits
  • Narrow sand hole

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BodyRip Free Standing Punch Bags: best for toning

BodyRip Free Standing Punch Bags - Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Thai, Karate, MMA | Fitness,...
227 Reviews
BodyRip Free Standing Punch Bags - Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Thai, Karate, MMA | Fitness,...
  • ✪ WE GOT YOUR BACK | BodyRip is one of the best excercise...
  • ✪ TOUGH CONSTRUCTION | Our freestanding punch bag is made...
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The BodyRip Free Standing Punch Bag is another reliable punching bag for beginners who need to develop core strength and overall muscle tone.

You’ll appreciate the sturdy construction because this product is made from heavy-duty PU grain leather that’s rip-resistant. Besides, the 5 cm EPE foam filling guarantees good shock absorption.

Although the construction is similar to that of the Gallant punching bag, this product feels firmer when you first unbox it. With time, it becomes a bit softer and friendlier on your knuckles.

Like the Gallant punch bag, this one can be filled with water or sand, although water is a better choice for beginners who prefer light cardio. The sand filling gives it more stability, and you don’t have to add as much sand as you would in the Gallant punching bag.

But you do need a funnel to get sand faster through the tiny hole.

Therefore, this punch bag is more stable for vigorous hits, especially if you want to get out some of that pent-up rage.

The ten suction cups at the base also add to the stability so that you can enjoy the real-feel of good boxing sessions. Many customers say the BodyRip punch bag is similar to a BOB, at a third of the price.

One disadvantage compared to the Gallant punch bag is that this one can get deformed faster, especially if your jabs are strong.

  • Suitable for core strength and muscle tone
  • Sturdy construction
  • Allows water or sand filling
  • More stable for robust hits
  • Affordable enough
  • Slightly firm after unpacking
  • Tiny sand hole – pro tip: use a funnel
  • Can get deformed faster

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Lions 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag: best for strength training and weight loss

Lions 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag Stand Punching Training Dummy Martial Arts Kick...
  • Lions Heavy Duty Target 5.5ft Freestanding Punch Bag
  • Ideal for Boxing, Sparring, Punching and Kick Training
  • Comes with Heavy duty base, Easy to assemble (fittings...

The Lions Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag is one of the best budget choices because it’s very stable and tall at 175 cm. As such, it’s one of the best options for tall people or routines that include high kicks and lots of uppercuts.

This punch bag’s construction is exceptionally sturdy, so this product is one of the best value bags if you want a stable dummy. That’s because the ABS base is anchored with twelve suction cups to the floor, but there’s also a spring-and-screws connection between the two plates.

The springs add more vibration and recoil if you’re into cardio, kickboxing, or martial arts. However, if you prefer strength training, you can remove these springs or fill the base with water instead of sand.

Speaking of sand – you’ll need heaps of it because the Lions Free Standing Punch Bag has an immense base. Of course, that base is excellent for stability, but it’s not that great if you want to shift around the bag and kick it from all directions.

The good news is that the sand hole is wider than with the two other models.

The bad news is that this model is chunkier, heavier, and not best for reflex training.

Also, the Lions punch bag is thicker and firmer than its two competitors above. So if you’re a beginner, you’ll need thick gloves, or your knuckles will hate you for every punch you throw.

  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • High
  • Sturdy base
  • Spring construction for flexibility
  • Large sand hole
  • Great for muscle building and burning calories
  • Requires a lot of sand
  • Large and heavy
  • Not best for reflex training

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Mirafit Punch Bag and Base: best for foot work and technique

Mirafit Punch Bag and Base
142 Reviews
Mirafit Punch Bag and Base
  • Mirafit Free Standing Punching Bag - Orange & black durable...
  • Ideal for training and a great workout - High rebound foam...
  • Anti slip base with rubber sealing cap to prevent spillages...

The Mirafit Punch Bag is one of the best value free-standing punch bags if you’re interested in practising your footwork and building technique. So this would be the right choice if you’re learning martial arts at the gym and want to rehearse some moves at home, if you’re self-taught or if you’re interested in light cardio.

Using this punch bag for any of the purposes above would help you build stamina, coordination, and muscle tone. If you’re working out your entire body, you can also lose a decent number of calories for fast weight loss.

However, the Mirafit Punch Bag isn’t as stable as the Lions’ punch bag. Simply comparing their bases tells you this. The Mirafit’s base is smaller, has no suction cups and no screws to secure it, although it’s anti-slip. Filling the bottom with sand roots it better, though.

Another factor to consider is its size.

The Mirafit free-standing punching bag is similarly tall to the Gallant and BodyRip products, but a good 20 cm shorter than the Lions. Some customers around 6’2″- 6’3″ claim this height works for them because they’re not kicking too high and they’re squatting a bit anyway during workouts. But a few customers around this height would prefer a taller bag, especially for high kicks and more powerful uppercuts.

Therefore, Mirafit Free-Standing Punch Bag isn’t best for strength training through hard punches, but rather for beginners’ standard routines.

  • Builds your endurance, reflexes, and tone
  • Stable enough when you fill it with sand
  • Quality materials
  • Easy setup
  • Good for beginners
  • Not for tough routines
  • Not best for tall people

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XN8 5.5ft Free Standing Punch Bag: best hybrid bag for strength and reflex training

XN8 5.5ft Free Standing Punch Bag Stand Heavy Duty Kick Boxing Dummy Target Martial Arts...
  • The Xn8 free standing boxing punch bag has Lamina hide...
  • Say goodbye to your old hanging punch bags and the...
  • Having a sizeable empty base that can either be filled with...

The XN8 Free Standing Punch Bag is one of the best budget options if you’re looking for a hybrid between strength and reflex punching bag. That’s because this product is very stable at 150 kg when filled, but also has a narrow enough base so you can move around the bag.

Basically, you can punch as hard as you can and still shuffle around the punching bag. Of course, you can always fill it with water or with less sand to increase its flexibility and portability.

The producer recommends the XN8 Free Standing Punch Bag for martial arts, Muay Thai, boxing, and other fitness workouts. The company claims that many boxing trainers use this particular model for their professional contests. Its increased stability and 168 cm total height are arguments in favour of these claims.

Besides, a 168-cm punching bag is high enough for tall users over 6′ and overhead kicks enthusiasts.

Another advantage is that the XN8 Punching Bag doesn’t lose shape even after many workouts. This bag is waterproof, shock-absorbing, and manually sewed for resistance.

All those advantages come at an affordable price, compared to the products above.

The most significant disadvantage is the tiny sand hole. Don’t forget to use a large funnel because you’ll need sand galore to increase this bag’s stability.

Moreover, this punching bag is dense and rigid, so you’ll need thick gloves, especially if you’re a beginner.

  • Affordable
  • Reliable for strength ad reflex training
  • Allows 360ᵒ movement
  • Tall enough for high kicks and uppercuts
  • Doesn’t lose shape
  • Waterproof
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Resistant to rips and tears
  • Tiny sand hole
  • Requires thick gloves

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In Conclusion: what’s the best free standing punch bag for you?

The best free standing punching bags are durable, stable, and safe. Besides, they’re cushiony enough not to damage your knuckles during intense workouts. As they’re rooted on the floor, even your kids can use them to develop endurance and a passion for working out.

But not all punching bags are the same.

If you’re not an absolute beginner and have a bit of strength, don’t buy a lightweight punch bag. Height matters too, especially if you’re taller and want to exercise high kicks.

For example, some customers who bought the Gallant punching bag complained that it’s not stable enough for Mayweather-level jabs.

That brings us to evaluating a punch bag’s design according to your purpose because some punching bags simply aren’t meant for hard kicks.

Pro tip: Always take your goals and training type into account before getting a punching bag. You can realise from that bag’s construction whether it’s suitable for your purposes.

  • Traditional standing punch bags are best for building resistance through punching and kicking. You can use them for all types of kicks, jabs, and hooks, although they’re not excellent for uppercuts.
  • Hybrid punching bags are best for multifunctional training because they allow movements like grappling and harder knee kicks. Their natural rebound also gives you more flexibility of training.
  • Reflex bags improve your speed and reflexes, through fast footwork, sliding, or pivoting motions, as well as all-round access to the bag. Therefore, these free standing bags are best if you’re into martial arts or kickboxing.

All the products above are popular and best in their categories, but meant for different purposes:

  • Gallant – best for reflex training
  • BodyRip – best for toning
  • Lions – best for strength training and weight loss
  • Mirafit – best for footwork and technique
  • XN8 – best hybrid bag for strength and reflex training

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