Best Spin Bike Under £300: 5 Durable Models For Quick Weight LOSS

Spinning has many documented benefits on your overall health. You can lose weight, increase endurance, get a healthier heart, sleep better, and so forth.

However, people with smaller budgets were at a disadvantage until recently. Spin bikes in the low price range aren’t always what you need in terms of comfort, durability, and performance.

Luckily, things have changed, and many brands currently understand the value of producing low-cost but high-quality bikes.

However, many other brands will try and trick potential customers.

To avoid getting duped, read this guide. We’ll tell you how to choose a worthwhile spin bike, and we’ll also analyse the five best spin bikes under £300 that help you reach all of your fitness goals.

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What to look for in an affordable spin bike

If you need an inexpensive spin bike for home use, you want a sturdy product with excellent basic functionality. You’ll see that all of the spin bikes we selected below have similar features from these two points of view, such as:

  • Sturdy, metal frames
  • Cushiony seats so that your lower back/ tailbone don’t hurt after a prolonged session
  • Highly adjustable handlebars and seats so that you can pedal in different positions
  • Resistance adjustments
  • Secure pedals

These four factors above are non-negotiable for your indoor spin bike.

However, you can also look for:

  • An easy-to-reach adjustment button
  • Portable wheels if you want to move the bike around your home
  • Water bottle holder to stay hydrated during your workouts
  • Device holder to listen to music or watch a workout video

Here’s what you’re probably not going to get with this price range:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Speakers
  • App connectivity
  • Included workout programmes

If you do see these features in this price range, that’s a red flag. These features cost money, so the bike probably compromises other features such as material quality or durability.

Pro tips:

  • Choose a spin bike that fits your weight and size.
  • Consider if you’re going to share it with someone else. In this case, you need more resistance levels and easier seat/ handlebar adjustments.
  • Choose the flywheel weight accordingly. A heavier flywheel is better for strength training and advanced/ intermediates. Lighter flywheels are best for beginner/ intermediates and HIIT.
  • If you prefer HIIT over strength or steady-state cardio, make sure you can change the resistance quickly.
  • If you’re living in a compact apartment or have small kids, consider a silent spin bike. Silent bikes are also best if you tend to get too annoyed or out of the zone when your equipment is audible.
  • If you’re standing during your workouts for long periods, make sure the handlebars are comfortable. Caged pedals are also more secure for standing sessions.
  • If you’re sitting for long periods, make sure the seat is comfortably padded.
  • If you want to measure your progress accurately, choose a spin bike with excellent pulse sensors and calorie tracking.
  • If you prefer speed, make sure the seat is narrow and aerodynamic.

Best Budget Spin Bikes under £300

Now that you know which factors to consider, let’s review some excellent spin bikes in the UK:

2WD Bike: Best For HIIT (beginners)

2WD Exercise Bike, Indoor Cycling Bikes, Stationary Bikes with Belt Drive, Spin Bike with...

This 2WD spin bike is a rugged piece of equipment, and you’ll set it up quickly. Compared to overly priced spin bikes, this one has all the standard functionality and things you could want in an indoor bike. For example, it’s durable, sturdy (after all, it’s built with high-quality metal), and allows you to kick your butt.

The first thing that proves the 2WD spin bike’s value for money is its adjustability range. You can adjust the seat and the handlebars to suit multiple people with an intuitive twist-lock mechanism. This change takes mere seconds, which has another advantage:

You can go from standing to sitting quickly.

When you’re standing on your spin bike, you make more effort, and therefore you’re making a higher impact. When you’re sitting, you can do low-impact. As a result, this 2WD bike is great for HIIT.

Another reason why we recommend 2WD for HIIT is its 8 kg flywheel. This flywheel isn’t heavy compared to what other spin bikes offer. That means you’ll be able to push harder and faster on the 2WD spin bike, even if you’re a beginner.

However, if you’re not a beginner, you can adjust the bike’s resistance quickly with the red knob that’s right underneath the computer screen. You even have seven-speed adjustments that allow you to push yourself according to your level.

Now back to the 8kg flywheel.

A lower-weight flywheel also means you’ll be able to exercise for longer.

Of course, that means you’ll lose more calories, and so you’ll reach your fitness goals faster. Bonus: 2WD spin bike solves two significant problems associated with long workouts:

One, it has a water bottle holder to take a sip whenever you need to instead of going all the way to the kitchen and losing momentum.

And two, it features a device holder. That way, you can stay entertained throughout your workout. Conversely, you can start a YouTube workout video to reach your goals faster. Hint: check those accurate stats, including heart ratemeasurements, to see how close you are to achieving those goals.

  • Solid metal construction
  • Silent
  • Smooth 8 kg flywheel
  • Easy to adjust the resistance
  • Seven-speed levels
  • Horizontally and vertically-adjustable chair
  • Vertically-adjustable handlebars
  • Secure cage-like pedals
  • Water bottle holder
  • Device holder
  • Accurate stats, including pulse
  • Not best for tall people
  • No bells and whistles like Bluetooth or incorporated programmes

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SOVNIA Bike: best for strength (and the whole family)

No products found.

SOVNIA Exercise Bike is better for strength because, compared to the 2WD spin bike, its flywheel weighs 17 kg.Add the varied adjustable resistance to that, and you can reach a hellish level of intensity for your muscles.

Here’s another difference:

SOVNIA spin bike fits tall people too, up to 6’7” and 330 pounds. Besides, the seat is 4-way adjustable, while the handlebars are two-way adjustable.

This array of adjustments means that:

  • You can use the SOVNIA spin bike with your entire clan.
  • You can easily transition from standing to sitting.

However, the standing position may be slightly uncomfortable because the handlebars lack cushioning – although they’re contoured to the shape of your forearms.

Other than that, both SOVNIA and 2WD feature water bottle holders and device holders. Like we said in the previous section, these extras will help you stay focused and in the game for longer.

That said, this SOVNIA spin bike for home use has two almost unique selling propositions:

Firstly, the chrome-plated flywheel is bidirectional. That means you can push backwards to target your legs from different points and thus build more strength.

And secondly, the Horizontal Adjuster allows you to fix this spin bike on uneven floors too.

  • Quiet
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Sturdy bidirectional 17-kg flywheel for lower body strength
  • 150 kg max user weight
  • Adjustable resistance
  • 2-way adjustable handles (up and down)
  • 4-way adjustable and cushioned seat (up/ down; front/back)
  • Accurate monitor, including pulse readings
  • Non-slip steel cage pedals
  • Water bottle holder
  • Device holder
  • Works on uneven floors too
  • The handlebars lack cushioning
  • Some customers claim that the seat and handlebars feel wobbly

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Dripex Bike (2021 Upgraded New Version): best silent spin bike for HIIT (beginners)

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike (2022 Upgraded Version), Super-Silent,...
  • 【HEAVY-DUTY STEEL MAINFRAME】 Higher safety level. Built...
  • 【SOFT SEAT & ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR】Reduce exercising...

Dripex Magnetic Bike is probably the best spin bike for parents because it’s incredibly silent. Even when you’re spinning as hard as possible, the noise level is below 40dB.

But that’s not the only reason we voted this indoor spin bike as best silent.

We also like the 135 kg max user weight because:

  • That means it’s a sturdy bike.
  • It fits more people.

On the downside, the maximum height limit is 6’1” – that’s a whole six inches below the SOVNIA spin bike.

The flywheel weighs 9 kg – that’s similar to the 2WD spin bike. Combine that with the easily adjustable resistancevia the red button – and again, you get a reliable spin bike for HIIT.

Bonus: you can pedal backwards to target your lower body muscles better.

However, remember that this bike’s flywheel is 9 kg. That means this bike’s best for an average person trying to get more exercise, not a gym rat.

And just like with the other two spin bikes above, this Dripex bike allows you to adjust the seat and handlebars. The seat adjustments are vertical and horizontal, while the handlebars only adjust height-wise.

Other than that, the screen displays the exact stats you’d expect, including heart rate measurements, there’s a bottle holder and a device holder.

  • Very silent
  • 135 kg max weight
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Easy to change the resistance
  • Allows backwards pedalling
  • Comfortable seat – you won’t need a gel cushion
  • 4-way seat adjustments (up/down; front/back)
  • 2-way handlebar adjustments (up/down)
  • Accurate display
  • Bottle holder
  • Device holder
  • 6’1” max-height
  • Not best for advanced cyclists

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Dripex Magnetic Resistance Bike: best silent for heavier people (beginners and intermediates)

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike (2022 Upgraded Version), Super-Silent,...
  • 【HEAVY-DUTY STEEL MAINFRAME】 Higher safety level. Built...
  • 【SOFT SEAT & ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR】Reduce exercising...

This particular Dripex model offers some improvements if you compare it to the previous one:

  • The flywheel is 1 kg heavy at 10 kg total.
  • The maximum user weight is 150 kg instead of 135 kg.
  • It fits people up to 6’3”.

This model can fit a – slightly – wider pool of people.

Other than that, you get similar features to the previous model. For example, it’s highly silent, the flywheel is bidirectional, and you get the same seat and handlebars adjustments. Also, the screen displays the same stats.

But here’s another difference:

This Dripex Model is even more silent as the noise level reaches below 30 dB.

That said, we recommend this exercise bike to overweight, tall people trying to get in shape.

  • Easily adjustable magnetic resistance
  • 10 kg flywheel – good for beginners and intermediates
  • Supports people up to 150 kg and 6’3”
  • Bidirectional flywheel
  • Up/down; front/back seat adjustments
  • Up/down handlebar adjustments
  • Comfy seat cushion
  • Accurate and complete stats
  • Cage-style pedals
  • Device holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Adjustable resistance knob
  • Transportation wheels

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    Dripex Bike (2021 Upgraded Version): best silent for strength

    Dripex Exercise Bike for Home Use, 150kg Weight Capacity for Heavy People, Indoor Fitness...
    • 【HEAVY-DUTY TRIANGLE MAINFRAME】 Upgraded safety level....

    This Dripex Indoor Cycling Bike is similar to SOVNIA Exercise Bike because both feature 35-pound (17 kg) bidirectional flywheels and support a maximum user weight of 330 pounds.

    They also feature similar seat and handlebar adjustments, the same caged-pedal design, water bottle holder, and device holder.

    However, the SOVNIA BIKE fits people between 135 and 197 cm. By comparison, this Dripex model fits people between 160 and 190 cm in height.

    Basically, SOVNIA is better for the whole family.

    That said, Dripex Indoor Cycling Magnetic Bike is arguably quieter.

    On the downside, this Dripex spin bike doesn’t have a very accurate pulse monitor – it doesn’t compare to a fitness watch. Also, you’d need to turn the big red button a lot to increase the resistance. That’s tedious, but it also ruins your mojo during HIIT.

    So that’s another reason why we recommend this Dripex model for strength instead of HIIT.

    • Affordable
    • Easy to assemble
    • Sturdy
    • Silent
    • Bidirectional flywheel
    • It fits people up to 150 kg and 160-190 cm in height
    • Quiet
    • The HR monitor is less accurate than an Apple watch
    • You have to turn the button A LOT to increase the resistance

    Check price and reviews on Amazon UK

    In Conclusion

    As you can see, these cheap spin bikes below £300 have many similarities. These features include:

    • Solid materials
    • Heart-rate monitor
    • Water bottle holder
    • Device holder
    • Adjustable resistance via a big red knob
    • Adjustable cushioned seat (horizontally and vertically)
    • Adjustable handlebars

    The three factors that help you distinguish between the spin bikes we discussed are:

    • The flywheel’s weight
    • User height and weight
    • Noise level

    These factors mean you should choose according to your body shape, how quiet you need your home to be, and your current fitness level.

    Here’s a quick reminder:

    • 2WD Exercise Bike: Best for HIIT (beginners)
    • SOVNIA Exercise Bike: Best for strength (for the whole family)
    • Dripex Bike (2021 Upgraded New Version): Best silent spin bike for HIIT (beginners)
    • Dripex Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike: Best silent for heavier people (beginners and intermediates)
    • Dripex Indoor Cycling (2021 Upgraded Version): Best silent for strength

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