Treadmill Maintenance: What and How To do It

treadmill maintenance tips

Buying a treadmill is like buying a car. You’re happy riding it at first, but then reality hits, and you realise all the maintenance work involved.  Of course, nobody is pressuring you to do this routine maintenance – but you’ll have to if you want that running band to last. And it’s not that tedious …

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How to Use a Rowing Machine for Beginners

how to use a rowing machine

Using a rowing machine looks fun and empowering. Imagine yourself now, all sweaty and strong after your workout, your muscles already glowing beneath your sexy tank-top and shorts. Although they boast many benefits, rowers aren’t smooth sailing from the get-go.  Many beginners keep wrong postures and row incorrectly. That makes them more prone to injuries …

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6 Best Home Fitness Equipment For Busy People

best home fitness equipment for busy people

Studies show that lack of time is the number one reason why people don’t use their home gyms. So, if you’re short on time, you have to choose your home fitness equipment carefully. Don’t focus on the price tag, but rather the functionality of your equipment. You need gear for comprehensive total body training. Therefore, …

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Portion Control vs. Calorie Reduction: How Can You Lose Weight Quickly?

portion control or calorie reduction for quick weight loss?

If your goal is weight loss, you probably know there’s a limit to how much you can eat. You shouldn’t starve yourself, but you should eat fewer calories than you’re burning. People usually do that by either restricting their portions or by counting their calories. Here’s why these methods are different: Calorie reduction entails eating …

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Are Home Multi Gyms Any Good?

are home multi gyms any good

Home multi-gyms are very popular because they provide reliable full-body strength workouts. Instead of going to the gym, many people prefer to exercise from their homes. And from that regard, a home multi gym will help you exercise your entire body from neck to calves comprehensively. Sometimes, though, multi gyms break or aren’t challenging enough …

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Treadmill Benefits: 10 reasons to use a running machine

treadmill benefits

It seems that treadmills are everywhere today: movies, TV shows, your friends’ houses. But do they work? The short answer is yes. Treadmills have benefits galore for your health. We’ll discuss them below, with a twist: If one of these benefits is the main reason why you’d want a treadmill, we’ll tell you what features …

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The Truth about Fat-Burning Foods

When you’re desperately trying to lose weight quickly, you want to try anything. Especially the foods or exercises that promise to melt fat without minimal effort from your part. But do fat-burning foods really exist? Some research has been done regarding coffee, chilli peppers, and other items we’ll discuss below. However, some experts in nutrition …

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Starting Again: How to Get Back on the Healthy Living Track

how to start exercising again

It’s difficult to make that first step into fitness if you want to be healthier. It takes a lot of determination and courage to change your eating and fitness habits. You already know that if you’re here. You also know that the results are worth the effort. However, you can lose this progress quickly after …

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Vibration Plate Exercises: get STRONG with our 5-day plan

vibration plate exercises

Vibration plate exercises are a good way to tone and gain more strength. As the plate vibrates through your muscles, you get a better workout. Therefore, you can become fitter faster. However, it’s important to do effective exercise that challenges you. You have to work smart so that you can target your muscles comprehensively. Otherwise, …

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9 Tips to train smart and build more lean muscles

how to train smart and build more muscles

Whether you’re working out from home or going to a gym, your purpose is to train smarter. After all, you want your workouts to be effective and not time-consuming, right? That’s why we included some of the best advice to help you on your fitness journey. We’ll analyse studies, talk facts, and give you great …

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