Myth Busters: The Truth about Negative Calorie Foods

can you live on negative calorie foods?

If you want to lose weight, you might want to consider your calorie intake. You can reduce this caloric intake either by eating less or exercising. However, some foods gained the reputation of negative-calorie because you’re supposed to lose calories when you ingest them. So what’s the science behind that statement? And what are some …

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Cardio vs Strength Training: which one’s best for your dream body

cardio vs strength training

Many believe the best way to lose weight is to spend hours doing spin workouts or jogging. Besides, aerobic workouts were until recently usually targeted at women, whereas strength training was considered a manly activity. But recent research shows that strength training with a challenging weight can benefit women as well. You don’t have to …

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Benefits of Rebounding: 8 Reasons To Start Jumping NOW

benefits of rebounding

Jumping on the trampoline might offer you a good aerobic training, but a rebounder is better. Rebounders are specifically designed for fitness so that their materials allow you to bounce better without hurting your joints. You can jump as fast or as slow as you need depending on your fitness level and the type of …

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6 Best Rebounders

best rebounder uk reviews

You may have heard that NASA recommends trampoline jumping, but did you know that not all trampolines are created equal? You need the best rebounder to protect your knees, strengthen your bones, and increase your muscle mass. A suitable home rebounder will protect you against injury and will give you the right bounce to stabilise …

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12 Unconventional Workouts You’re Not Doing But Should

unconventional workouts

What’s so special about unconventional workouts and why should you abandon your routine for one of these? Well, for starters, unconventional workouts have a lot of benefits, as they: Are a good way to motivate yourself. Make exercise fun, so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Allow you to challenge yourself. Train your whole body …

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Best Home Multi Gym UK: 5 Product Reviews & Guide

best multi gym for home use uk

Do you love working out at home, but still want the same kind of challenge you can find in a gym? Are you tired of working out using soup cans or books as weights? Then you can consider your fitness goals, budget, and space, and pick the best multi gym to improve your workouts. I …

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Get Fit with HIIT: What Is HIIT Workout Routine

what are the benefits of hiit

According to the American College of Sports who has released a top of the most preferred fitness trends, HIIT is what everyone’s doing now. And we can understand why. But what, in fact, is HIIT workout routine? If you want to know more about that and why it’s so loved by everyone, read along. The …

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