JLL IC100 Pro Review: best stationary bike for beginners?

According to official statistics, almost 37% of people in England aren’t physically active. Studies show that the main reasons are not finding time to exercise, plus a variety of sedentary jobs and entertainment.

But here’s another thing:

If you’re a beginner buying gym equipment that’s not right for your needs, you’re more likely to give up exercising than trying again.

However, there’s a solution for your lack of time, motivation, and risk of buyer’s remorse: the JLL IC100 Pro.

This stationary home bike is best for beginners because it’s comfortable, functional, and easy to adjust. Too many functions, programs, and maintenance can confuse a beginner, whereas IC100 Pro provides an effortless way of becoming more physically active.

This isn’t a perfect bike, though. Read the review below to find out why.

JLL IC100 At A Glance

The JLLIC100 Pro is one of the best home spin bikes for entry-level. While the 6 kg flywheel isn’t hefty, you can use the magnetic resistance to make this bike feel challenging. Besides, this bike is quiet, stable, and easy to transport.

JLL IC100 Pro is comfortable and, although it’s in the low price range, boasts various ergonomic adjustments that allow you to maintain a correct posture. That way, you’ll avoid injuries and work out for more extended periods.

Besides, JLL is a renowned brand in the fitness industry. It manufactures high-quality gym equipment for home use, and many people appreciate its customer support.

Specifications and features

  • LCD monitor
  • 6 kg flywheel
  • Speed-increasing mechanism
  • Magnetic resistance with various levels
  • 3-piece crank
  • Padded saddle with nine levels of adjustments
  • Foot cages on the pedals
  • 4-level adjustable handles
  • Transport wheels
  • 110 kg max weight
  • 101cm x 71cm x 133cm footprint
  • 12 months warranty
  • Affordable
  • Stable
  • Smooth
  • Quiet
  • Highly-adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Various resistance levels
  • Tablet and smartphone holder
  • Limited to basic functions
  • Not for the tall and heavy

JLL IC100 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Best Features

Let’s see why JLL IC100 Pro is a worthwhile investment for your fitness journey:

6 kg Flywheel

The 6 kg flywheel mimics the forward momentum you’d get on a regular bike for outdoor riding.

This flywheel spins quietly and seamlessly, thanks to its smooth design that doesn’t cause vibrations. That’s why many customers agree that the JLL IC100 Pro is one of the most comfortable beginner bikes on the market.

And here’s another advantage:

The flywheel features a speed increasing mechanism so that you can adjust the bike’s speed according to your fitness level.

However, a 6 kg flywheel is relatively light so that it’s best for beginners or people recovering from an injury. If you need more oomph, get the JLL IC400 Pro here.


A lot of customers claim that the handlebars are comfortable for long rides, which is another essential feature for beginners, as well as people with arthritis.

Here’s why:

Their slightly curved shape is ergonomic so that you can keep your hands relaxed throughout your workout. Besides, the rubber coating ensures a steady grip and doesn’t cause blisters.

And you can adjust the height of the handlebars on four levels to maintain a relaxed, neutral position while working out. Therefore, you can exercise for more extended periods to burn more calories and see faster improvements in your fitness level.

Tablet Holder

This feature can be essential if you’re not used to including a workout in your daily schedule. That’s because you can watch a movie, call a friend, or listen to music while you’re exercising. Therefore, you stay motivated, and the workout will pass faster.

While this bike doesn’t have additional smart features like USB or Bluetooth connection, remember that you don’t usually see these features in this price range.

3-Piece Crank

The crank system on a stationary bike is basically the arm that connects to the pedals. The three-piece crank system on the pedals is there for smooth riding, and it’s more durable than a one-piece crank.

This design is best for beginners as well as people with joint pain or recovering from injuries because it activates the pedals seamlessly.

And that’s why many customers say that riding the JLL IC100 Pro is like riding the real thing.

Pro tip: You can easily remove the crank and pedal on one side and exercise with just one leg if you’ve gone through an amputation surgery.

Cycling Saddle

The IC100 Pro’s seat is ergonomic and comfortable for long rides. Here’s why:

Firstly, you can adjust the seat height to 105 cm in 2.5 cm intervals so that you can maintain the right posture while you’re exercising. Finding the correct seat height for your needs is essential to ensure your muscles get an effective workout and to avoid injuries.

Secondly, the foam-filled saddle has an ergonomic design that keeps your hips open at the correct angle. This padding will also prevent any tailbone pain that’s usually associated with longer workouts.

Plus, the synthetic leather cover isn’t as sweaty as other stationary bike saddles.

Magnetic Resistance

The magnetic resistance is quality and doesn’t damage easily. You can employ it quickly even during your workout by turning a knob that’s within easy reach. That’s why the JLL IC100 Pro is a reliable bike for:

  • Spin classes
  • Endurance training
  • HIIT workouts

Plus, a magnetic resistance increases the challenge on your muscles so that you can build more strength.

Direct Belt-Driven

We all know that noisy, stuttering bikes cut all the cheer and motivation from a workout.

Imagine what it’s like if you’re a beginner who’s just trying to get on the saddle, literally.

IC100 Pro’s direct belt-driven design ensures authentic cycling feel that lets beginners ease into their routine seamlessly. The IC100 Pro is smooth and reliable so that you can focus on your workouts and become more confident.

The belt-driven design is quiet too. That way, you can exercise without annoying your neighbours or wake up any sleeping babies.

And here’s another advantage:

No lubrication needed. If you’re a beginner, you don’t want a high-maintenance bike because you’re already going through a world of trouble by squeezing fitness into your daily routine. While too much work on your fitness equipment can demoralise you, a functional, easy-to-use bike will motivate you.

JLL® IC100 Pro Indoor Bike, 6KG Flywheel Entry Level Bike, Belt Driven Exercise Bike For...
93 Reviews
JLL® IC100 Pro Indoor Bike, 6KG Flywheel Entry Level Bike, Belt Driven Exercise Bike For...
  • 5 Function Monitor allows you to track various data relating...
  • Our IC100 has a specially made Flywheel that has an Advanced...
  • IC100 Pro cycling machine has Magnetic Resistance with...

JLL IC100 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Worst Features

Although IC100 Pro is a quality piece of equipment like all of the JLL products, it’s not for everybody. Below we’ll discuss some features that will help you decide whether this bike can be useful for you.

5-Function Monitor

The screen allows you to see essential stats such as distance, calories, time, and speed. That way, you can monitor your workouts and challenge yourself.

Although it doesn’t include a chest strap or handles heart rate monitor, these figures you’re reading are good enough if you’re a beginner. That’s because you’re looking at actual numbers that motivate you and help you see your progress.

But here’s the thing:

The monitor isn’t that easy to read, and many customers complain about its durability, while others say it doesn’t display specific stats at all.

Size And Weight

The JLL IC100 Pro is a compact, light stationary bike. As such, it’s easy to move and doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

However, it’s not as robust as heavy-duty products. Many customers noticed the bike tends to lift slightly when you’re pedalling faster or when you’re standing on it. If that happens to you, you can always place a rolled towel underneath your bike.

Another disadvantage is that the IC100 Pro isn’t best suited for the tall and heavy. Unfortunately, it can only support up to 110 kg and people up to 6.3”.

Limited Functionality     

IC100 Pro is a reliable, functional bike, but it only sports the basic features of a stationary home bike. As such, you won’t see any heart rate measurements, pre-programmed workout routines, or a memory function for customised workouts.

Besides, the entertainment capacity is limited to that tablet/ smartphone holder, with no ports, apps, or connectivity alternatives to speak of.

Is The JLL IC100 Right For You?

The JLL IC100 is right for you if you’re a beginner looking for an effortless way to get off the couch. This bike is comfortable, compact, low-maintenance, and easy to use whether you’re new to exercise or recovering post-injury.

The wide array of adjustability options renders the IC100 Pro useful for the whole family.

However, if you’re looking to scale up your workouts to an athlete level, the IC100 Pro doesn’t offer the resistance, speed, and functionality for that.

If you’re heavier than 110 kg or taller than 6.3”, you should consider other stationary bike models.

In Conclusion

The JLL IC100 Pro is a quiet, sturdy, and ergonomic stationary bike. It’s also affordable, low-maintenance, and very comfortable.

Although it lacks bells and whistles you usually see in the more expensive price range, IC100 Pro will keep you motivated if you’re a beginner.

And that’s your goal, right?

JLL® IC100 Pro Indoor Bike, 6KG Flywheel Entry Level Bike, Belt Driven Exercise Bike For...
93 Reviews
JLL® IC100 Pro Indoor Bike, 6KG Flywheel Entry Level Bike, Belt Driven Exercise Bike For...
  • 5 Function Monitor allows you to track various data relating...
  • Our IC100 has a specially made Flywheel that has an Advanced...
  • IC100 Pro cycling machine has Magnetic Resistance with...

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