JLL IC350 Pro Review

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable spin bike, you’re on the right page. JLL IC350 Pro is comfortable for long periods, challenging, and durable.

However, it may not be perfect for everyone. We’ll discuss why in this guide below while analysing its features depending on your needs. Keep reading.

  • Challenging for beginner and mid-level people
  • Accommodates low and high-impact cardio
  • Good for weight loss and toning
  • Efficient pedalling
  • Smooth
  • Almost silent
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy-to-change magnetic resistance
  • Easy-to-read standard monitor with accurate measurements
  • Grippy pedals and handlebars
  • Comfortable seat
  • An extensive array of adjustments
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Durable and rugged steel frame
  • Stable
  • 12-month warranty
  • No smart features
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Too little resistance for advanced riders
JLL® IC350 PRO Indoor Bike, Direct Belt Driven Exercise Bike For Home, Cycling Machine...
  • Direct belt driven exercise bikes for home use with advanced...
  • Bi-Directional Flywheel with Advanced Momentum Mechanism to...
  • Monitor Counts: time, speed, distance, calories, RPM & pulse

Direct-Belt Driven

JLL IC350 Pro features a belt-driven mechanism. This spin bike uses a sturdy rubber belt to activate the flywheel each time you’re pedalling.

Thus, IC350 Pro is more efficient and reliable. Compared to other bikes, this one feels like the real thing because it’s smooth and silent. The three-piece crank also accounts for a seamless and noiseless ride.

Then there’s the maintenance part:

Belt-driven bikes like IC350 Pro don’t require lubrication. Besides, you won’t need to retighten the belt constantly. As such, you’re getting a low-maintenance spin bike.

Conversely, other brand bikes are noisier, get stretchy with prolonged wear and tear, and need regular lubrication.

Magnetic Resistance

The combination of a flywheel and magnetic resistance is excellent for beginners and intermediates.

You can challenge yourself better during your workout because the IC350 Pro offers fluid movement. You can also adjust the magnet easily with just a turn of the knob. Therefore, you can quickly increase or decrease your workout’s difficulty level.

That means you can burn more calories plus tone your lower body and core faster.

Whether you’re a newbie or mid-level rider, you can try some endurance training or HIIT sessions to reach your fitness goals.

Remember this, though: people with more advanced fitness levels won’t feel enough of a workout on the IC350 Pro.

7-kg Flywheel

This flywheel is good enough for low and mid-levels but doesn’t pose much resistance for genuine experts. JLL claims that serious athletes can get a vigorous challenge on the IC350 Pro, but we doubt that’s true.

However, this flywheel is almost silent and highly fluid. That’s thanks to its sizeable smooth surface that prevents vibrations when rotating.

Therefore, you can ride comfortably for longer without feeling any soreness in your crotch area or bothering the neighbours.

6-Function Pro Monitor

jll ic350 pro display monitor

At first – and second – glance, this monitor looks extremely basic. However, it’s intuitive and easy to read, although it lacks the bells and whistles of a virtual-reality-immersing model.

You’ll also notice that this pre-installed display is convenient. The screen allows you to read the following stats:

  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Rotations per minute
  • Pulse

Most spin bikes in this price range display the first five stats too. On the other hand, your pulse’s measurements are not so common, especially if they’re accurate.

We’re not saying that JLL shows medical-grade pulse stats, but you can get a reasonable idea of where your heart rate is. As such, you can increase or decrease the difficulty of your workout, depending on your goals.

Low-impact cardio will bring your heart-rate to 100-120 beats per minute, depending on your age, of course. Higher-impact cardio is 120-150 bpm. Above that, you’re entering the fat-burning zone that allows you to cut through your fat stores seamlessly.

Fitted Pedals

The pedals are fitted, which means they accommodate your feet’s shape. This design is very ergonomic, allowing your feet to rest in a neutral position throughout your workout.

Besides, JLL IC350 Pro’s pedals are grippy and secure. Their toe cages and straps are tight without being uncomfortable.

Therefore, this spin bike’s fitted pedals enable you to work out for longer.


JLL IC350 Pro boasts a comfy seat too. Many people who are new to bike riding complain about crotch pain, so they need to scour the internet for well-padded cycling pants.

However, IC350 Pro doesn’t feel hard to break in. Surprisingly for the price range, this model features a foam-filled seat that contours and cushions your bottom. As such, you can pedal for more extended intervals painlessly.

But there’s another advantage:

The soft, leather-like material that covers the seat is grippy and breathable at the same time. Thus, you won’t get too hot or too sweaty during your workouts.

JLL obviously spared no effort in designing this bike seat, as you can see so far. One more thing: the hard-wearing stitches are durable so that you can enjoy your IC350 Pro for longer.

JLL® IC350 PRO Indoor Bike, Direct Belt Driven Exercise Bike For Home, Cycling Machine...
  • Direct belt driven exercise bikes for home use with advanced...
  • Bi-Directional Flywheel with Advanced Momentum Mechanism to...
  • Monitor Counts: time, speed, distance, calories, RPM & pulse


The Q-Factor represents the distance between the pedal attachment points to the crank on each side of your bike. The narrower this Q-Factor is, the smoother and faster you’re going to pedal because the pedals require less force to push. Conversely, a higher Q-Factor demands more power and, therefore, poses more resistance.

What’s the deal with JLL IC350 Pro, then?

This bike’s 180 mm Q-Factor fits into the narrow-ish category so that it allows you to gain more speed. As such, IC350 Pro is better for cardio rather than strength training.

This fact doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the 7-kg flywheel, which we already know doesn’t pose much resistance.


There’s nothing exceptional about the handlebars, but there’s nothing wrong we could notice either. IC350 Pro sports standard handlebars, covered in a foamy and grippy material. So, your hands can stay dry and cool throughout your workout.

Sweat doesn’t just make your hands feel uncomfortable; it can make you lose pace and causes blisters. As such, a bike with uncomfortable handlebars requires extra investments into a pair of reliable cycling gloves.

Basically, IC350 Pro keeps your hands safe and comfortable so that you can exercise for longer while also saving you money in the process.


JLL IC350 Pro boasts adjustments galore, which is relatively uncommon for this price range. As such, you can adjust the:

  • Handlebars: 9 vertical levels
  • Seat: 4 horizontal levels
  • Seat: 10 vertical levels

These adjustments and the array of comfortable features lead to one conclusion: JLL IC350 Pro is an ergonomic spin bike.

Thus, if you adjust it appropriately, you can work out for extended periods and avoid pain, whether short-term or chronic. You’ll also target your muscles more comprehensively because adjusting gym equipment to your shape gives you more range of motion.

Size And Portability

jll ic350 pro measurements

JLL IC350 Pro is a compact spin bike of 103 x 54 x 122 cm and 37 kg. Its small footprint means you can place it in most rooms in your home quickly.

While this bike doesn’t fold for more accessible storage, it has front wheels so that you can move it to a better storage place. On the other hand, the IC350 Pro is 37 kg, so that it would be challenging to carry to an upstairs level even on its wheels.

But consider this: 37 kg shows that IC350 Pro is a dependable, sturdy bike that won’t wobble underneath you during higher-impact workouts.


We already discussed a bit about the materials, such as the foam-filled seat, smooth flywheel and grippy handlebars. Now let’s analyse the frame.

JLL IC350 Pro sports a heavy-duty steel frame that’s durable to wear and tear. Besides, this sort of structure ensures extra stability while you’re pedalling.

Here’s another advantage:

The majority of spin bikes in this price range are flimsier, so less durable and less stable. Besides, they accommodate only lightweight people, whereas IC350 Pro can hold people up to 125 kg.


IC350 Pro features a 12-month warranty, which shows JLL’s confidence in its product. This warranty becomes valid the moment you purchase your bike, so you don’t have to call the company to activate it.

Remember: Although IC350 Pro is low-maintenance equipment, you’ll need to keep it in working order so that it will last longer. So, make sure to check for any loose bolts and store the bike in a dry, cool place.

In Conclusion

JLL IC350 Pro is a functional and affordable spin bike for cardio training. It’s best for beginners and intermediates looking for a quality and easy-to-use model for home use.

As such, IC350 Pro lacks the bells and whistles of a “smart” and more expensive spin bike. It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, so it can’t connect to Kinomap, for instance.

However, its extra features focus on ease of use. For example, it’s battery-powered with an included battery so that you won’t have to deal with pesky cords. You have an easy-to-reach bottle holder, and the IC350 Pro is comfortable for long-term use. The seat is cushiony, you can adjust the bike however you like, and it won’t take much space in your home.

IC350 Pro offers top value-for-money, which is why so many happy customers rave about it on Amazon.

JLL® IC350 PRO Indoor Bike, Direct Belt Driven Exercise Bike For Home, Cycling Machine...
  • Direct belt driven exercise bikes for home use with advanced...
  • Bi-Directional Flywheel with Advanced Momentum Mechanism to...
  • Monitor Counts: time, speed, distance, calories, RPM & pulse

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