JLL IC400 Pro Review: the best versatile bike?

Getting a bike for the whole family is essential if you’re willing to invest in a mid-priced model. You should also consider a versatile stationary bike if you’re new to fitness or want to vary the intensity of your workouts.

At the same time, a reliable stationary bike is stable, comfortable, and easy to use. Plus, the current demand for tech-advanced bikes is at a record high now as many people are using at least a fitness app.

It may be challenging to find a reliable product with all these features at a reasonable price. But the JLL IC400 Pro packs a punch compared to its competitors because it has all the things you need for quick progress.

Read the article below to find out why we believe that IC400 Pro is the best versatile bike on the market, what it lacks, and if it suits you.

JLL IC400 At A Glance

The IC400 Pro is one of the best indoor cycling bikes that JLL retails. JLL is a reputable company in the home fitness industry, renowned for its quality equipment and customer service.

The IC400 Pro packs useful features, such as a heavy flywheel, magnetic resistance, and a wide array of adjustments. This bike is one of the most versatile on the market because it fits most fitness goals, sizes and shapes.

For instance, you can change the resistance from leisurely cycling to what feels like strenuous pedalling uphill. So, whether you’re a hardcore cyclist or someone new to fitness, this bike can help you reach your goals.

Specifications and features:

  • 2kg flywheel
  • Direct belt driven
  • Magnetic resistance
  • 7-function monitor
  • Handrail heart rate sensors
  • Foam seat
  • Ten vertical and six horizontal seat adjustments
  • Six vertical handlebar adjustments
  • Three-piece crank
  • 175 mm Q-factor
  • SPD pedals
  • Two large bottle holders
  • Tablet holder
  • 150 kg maximum weight
  • 12-month warranty
  • Challenging levels of magnetic resistance
  • Silent
  • Smooth
  • Breathable saddle
  • Best for all sorts of exercises
  • Facilitates an anatomically correct posture
  • An intuitive and accurate monitor
  • Fits most shapes and sizes
  • Stable and safe
  • Connects to various apps
  • Not for barefoot use
  • The Apple Watch app has some glitches
  • The seat may feel too firm

JLL IC400 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Best Features

In this section, we’ll analyse the IC400 Pro’s top features so that you can understand why this bike is a reliable, versatile model.

Magnetic Resistance

The JLL IC400 offers magnetic resistance that increases the challenge of your workouts according to your fitness level. And that’s one reason why the IC400 is among the most versatile stationary bikes you can get.

Besides, this resistance and flywheel reduce friction and noise levels. Therefore, riding this bike offers a smooth and quiet experience. And that way, you can stay focused on your workout and never lose motivation.

22 Kg Flywheel

The flywheel is heavy enough to provide reliable resistance for advanced cyclists as well as newbies. And that’s why:

  • Your whole family can use the IC400 Pro, which makes it an excellent investment
  • You have a lot of room to scale up your fitness level, muscle mass, and endurance

Saddle Cover

The IC400’s saddle cover is a soft fabric that’s breathable and comfortable. Therefore, you won’t slip or sweat excessively on this bike, even during intense workouts.

As such, you can exercise for longer and focus on your workouts instead of uncomfortable sensations.

3-Piece Crank System

The crank is the bar that connects to the pedals. Unlike the single-bar design, the three-piece crank is more robust and smoother. So, riding the JLL IC400 Pro is almost like the real thing.

These features are essential if you’re looking for a durable bike that allows you to focus on your workouts entirely. Besides, a three-crank system is reliable for standing exercises on your bike.

As such, you can use your IC400 Pro for most types of stationary bike exercises, from leisure pedalling to HIIT and standing workouts.


The Q-factor defines the distance between your bike’s pedals. JLL IC400 Pro’s Q factor is 175 mm, which falls at the border between the narrow and the wide category.

This distance is one of the best on the market, although elite riders may feel slight discomfort during their rides. However, 175 mm isn’t too wide as to affect the efficiency of your pedalling. At the same time, you can keep your feet and hips aligned in an anatomically correct position.

But you should also remember that this Q-factor means you can achieve faster speeds with less force.

Therefore, the IC400 Pro is better for cardio and HIIT rather than muscle building, unless you’re intentionally increasing the resistance.

JLL IC400 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 22kg Flywheel, Magnetic...
  • Direct belt driven exercise bikes for home use with 22kg...
  • 3-Piece Crank, JD SPD Pedals. Vertical handlebar adjustment...
  • The Strong sturdy frame has been made to withstand high...

SPD Pedals

The pedals are SPD-compatible, which means you can bring the gym experience in your living room. Another advantage is that you can secure your feet better by using the cleats.

Basically, these pedals allow for a very safe and satisfying riding experience so that you can exercise for longer and reach your goals quicker.


The LCD screen is wide and intuitive so that it’s easy to read and to operate. The stats it keeps track of include: calories, distance, heart rate, RPM, scan, speed, time, and watt.

All these figures are accurate, which is crucial to understand your workouts’ results and to set suitable fitness objectives. That way, you’ll notice fast improvements in your shape.

Ergonomic Handlebars

The IC400 Pro handlebars have non-slip neoprene covers for increased grip. That way, you don’t have to worry about your sweaty hands slipping during your workouts. So, tensing your hands, you can relax them in a neutral position to avoid injuries and pain.

Ergonomic Adjustments

You can adjust the handlebars’ position on six levels, while the seat has ten vertical levels and six horizontal levels. Adjusting the bike to your shape and size is essential to keep your upper body, spine, and hips aligned in an anatomically correct position.

That way, you’ll avoid accidents and pain. It’s also essential to maintain the correct posture if you want to target your muscles efficiently and see fast improvements.

The result of this vast array of advantages is that the IC400 Pro is useful and comfortable, regardless of your shape and size.


The JLL IC400 features two large bottle holders and a tablet holder. These accessories are for long workouts because you can stay hydrated and entertained.

These features impact your motivation because you won’t need to stop your workout to hydrate or get bored on your bike. And, if you can stay motivated, you can see faster progress.

Design And Build

The JLL IC400 has a sleek design and a smaller footprint than other stationary bikes. However, it weighs 53 kg, so it’s a bit difficult to carry if you’re mobility challenged even with the help of the two transport wheels.

However, having a solid bike is essential if you’re interested in intense runs, standing workouts, and HIIT. It’s also an advantage if you’re heavier, considering the IC400 Pro can support people up to 150 kg.

JLL IC400 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Worst Features

Although IC400 has some strong suits, it’s not 100% perfect. Read along to find out which features could use some improvement and possible solutions.

The Apple Watch App

You can connect the Bluetooth monitor with fitness apps such as iConsole and Peloton. However, a few customers noticed that the Apple Watch app tends to crash. That’s a disadvantage if you want continuous heart rate data without keeping your hands on the pulse sensors.

The fix is to fill in your heart rate manually in your smartphone if you want accurate tracking of this measurement.

The Pedals

Although the pedals offer a good grip and are sturdy, the anti-slip bumps may feel uncomfortable if you’re not wearing shoes.

Luckily, the 3-crank design lets you replace these pedals quickly.

The Firm Seat

Although the IC400 Pro boasts a padded foam seat, some customers feel this seat is too firm. As such, you may feel some tailbone pain after long rides.

Fixing this issue is easy too because you can change the seat with a new one or wear padded bike pants during your workouts.

Is The JLL IC400 Right For You?

The JLL IC400 is right for you if you’re looking for a quiet, versatile stationary bike because it offers a wide range of resistance, adjustments, and speeds. Therefore, you can share the IC400 with other people and exercise on it regardless of your current fitness level.

As such, you can reach your fitness goals easily whether you want to train for a particular event or to lose some weight.

However, the JLL IC400’s price point might be a disadvantage if you’re a complete beginner who’s not sure committed to fitness yet.

In Conclusion

The JLL IC400 is a scalable, quiet, and easy to use bike whether you want to share it with your whole family or see fast progress. The wide array of adjustments and resistances allow almost anyone to have a comfortable riding experience.

Many happy customers appreciate its sleek design, versatility, and overall functions. So, if you want to invest your money wisely, this bike might be a good choice.

JLL IC400 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 22kg Flywheel, Magnetic...
  • Direct belt driven exercise bikes for home use with 22kg...
  • 3-Piece Crank, JD SPD Pedals. Vertical handlebar adjustment...
  • The Strong sturdy frame has been made to withstand high...

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