JTX Freedom Air Rower V2 Review: good value?

jtx freedom v2 review

In this article we’ll thoroughly review one of the latest indoor rowing machine on the market, the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine V2.

Marketed as an upgraded version of the old Freedom Air Rower, JTX has put a lot of thought into designing the Freedom V2.

You’ll find a sleek and durable machine that’s best for people who like to set goals and keep accurate track of their performance.

This rower allows you to challenge yourself; it’s comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, as well as reliable for intense workouts. Although it has its flaws, its design reflects this single-mindedness of helping you achieve your fitness goals.

JTX Freedom Air Rower V2 Review

Let’s talk about the most important features the V2 version has to offer:

Accurate Computer

jtx freedom rowing machine v2 computer display

JTX Freedom V2 sports an accurate computer that tracks the usual metrics such as distance, time, pace, total strokes, and burnt calories.

Here’s why it’s essential to have a precise computer:

It shows your performance. It helps you set your workout goals and reach them easily. If you’re doing challenging workouts but still not meeting your overall fitness goals, you can work on your diet or look for underlying health conditions.

Therefore, an accurate computer is essential for people who have specific goals. Conversely, casual rowers aren’t that interested in this particular feature.

The downside is that this computer doesn’t allow you to set up a user profile or to memorise custom-made workouts.

Built-in Programmes to Challenge Yourself

The truth is that JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine has few workout programmes compared to other rowers, even cheaper ones.

Someone who doesn’t know much about rowers and compares different models by simply contrasting their specs might write this down as a negative.

But why would JTX, a reputable fitness brand, update its old JTX Freedom Rower with a model that has fewer programmes?

That doesn’t sound like very good for business.

So look at the options first. All of them allow you to set targets depending on caloric output, distance, strokes, and time. 

You even have a work-against-the-computer option.

Therefore, these programmes, albeit few, allow you to challenge yourself.

And that’s another reason why Freedom V2 is best for single-minded rowers.

The counter-argument is that more programmes allow increased versatility, which doesn’t oppose single-mindedness. And that’s probably true. If it featured a more extensive array of programmes, JTX V2 would have targeted a larger pool of customers.

Heart Rate Training

Heart rate training is essential if you want to reach your goals by customising the intensity of your workouts.

Here’s why it’s crucial.

You probably know that rowers keep your heart fit, which means your heart rate decreases as you become fitter. For instance, if 22 strokes per minute feel hard now, they’ll feel easy-breezy in a month because you have more muscle and your heart is healthier.

But, if you continue at 22 strokes per minute when you’ve lost a few pounds and are fitter, you’ll enter a plateau. That means you won’t see any improvements in your weight or your body shape.

If you want to improve yourself continually, you need to increase the intensity of your workouts.

JTX Freedom V2 is a rowing machine for people who want to push themselves harder, but they didn’t include a heart monitor in the package. 

Luckily, this rower sports a Polar-compatible wireless receiver for your heart monitor.

So, if you want to achieve your goals faster, get an extra chest strap from JTX. These straps are durable and accurate because they’re made with JTX quality.

Resists Intense Workouts

folded jtx freedom v2

The JTX Air Rowing Machine is built to last.

The first clue to that is the steel and iron construction for the frame. Therefore, you can use the Freedom V2 for prolonged workout sessions of intense effort.

Another clue is the 135 kg max user weight. 

As a rule of thumb, if you want a durable rower, get one that supports at least 130 kg. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace your old rower in a couple of years.

Besides, the max allowed user weight links to the rower’s total weight.

Total weight is crucial because light rowing machines don’t allow intense workouts. They lift when you’re rowing, which feels very uncomfortable.

But JTX Air Rowing V2 is 40 kg, which means extra stability during intense workouts.

Now here’s what you’re thinking:

Doesn’t that mean that the Freedom V2 is bulky and heavy? What if I want to move it around my house?

Thankfully, JTX thought of that too; that’s why Freedom V2 is foldable and sports transport wheels.

Adjustable Dual Resistance 

adjustable resistance levels on the jtx freedom v2

A quick look over the stats will tell you the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine allows (just) eight levels of magnetic resistance *shocked gasp*

After all, we know of some rowers that offer 40+ resistance levels.

And how are you supposed to challenge yourself if you can’t finely tune the resistance?

That’s a good question with an equally good answer.

Remember that JTX created this piece of equipment with basic functionality in mind. 

The mix of air and magnetic resistance is what helps you achieve a challenging workout.

Here’s why. 

As you know air rowers are popular in gyms and they’re what Olympic rowers use because they feel like you’re rowing on water. The faster you row, the more resistance you’ll feel. Basically, you’re working against yourself so the eight resistance levels vary according to your strength.

Air and magnetic rowing machines like JTX Freedom V2 allow you to change the resistance manually thanks to the magnetic resistance. 

Conversely, the additional dynamic air resistance keeps the workout challenging even when you’re intentionally lowering the intensity level.

Therefore, you don’t need more than eight MAGNETIC resistance levels to truly challenge yourself unless you’re the Dwayne The Rock Johnson. In which case, we’re psyched you’re reading this!

Basically, JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine is easy to adjust, and it still gives you a comprehensive workout.

Just remember that this air-mag resistance isn’t as powerful as with air rowers because it’s less dynamic. However, this design is best for home gyms.

Ergonomic Design 

You can’t reach your workout goals unless you work out.

That’s pretty obvious.

But did you know that a lot of people subconsciously avoid exercising because they don’t feel comfortable using their fitness equipment?

Besides, a machine that feels uncomfortable ruins your form.

Working out with lousy form means you’re not exercising your muscles and heart to the fullest, and, therefore, not reaching your goals effectively. But the real danger is that you’re increasing your risk of injury.

Luckily, JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine has an ergonomic design so that you can maintain the correct posture throughout your workout.

jtx freedom v2 version has an ergonomic design

Here’s why:

The cushioned seat opens your hips at the right angle and aligns them to your spine. As such, the seat’s shape and padding decrease the risk for lower back or sciatica pain.

The seat also sports a gym-style roller mechanism. This mechanism allows smooth rolling so that you don’t have to strain your back or legs uncomfortably.

The footrests are ergonomic too. These pedals are 7-point adjustable and allow a wide-foot positioning. As such, the footrests keep your body in correct alignment, and you can easily adjust them to fir your size.

Lastly, JTX Freedom V2 is well suited for tall people. The 120-cm monorail length means you can use this machine comfortably if you’re up to 6’4”. Secondly, you’ll notice that the handles are a bit further placed than the pedals. That’s another clue that even very tall people can use this rower.


The JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine is self-powered, which means you don’t have to plug it in. And that’s good because you can place it anywhere in your home.

Here’s why that’s essential.

Converting one of your rooms into a gym implies a lot of hassle. However, you don’t need to place the JTX Freedom near a wall socket, which means it fits in your space easily.

Plus, having a self-powered rower makes it easy to keep your motivation up.

For instance, you can roll JTX Freedom in your garden or in front of the TV to work out in an environment that stimulates you.

Reliable Warranties

Before purchasing any item, don’t forget to analyse its warranties and return policies.

If anything happens once you buy your product, a reliable warranty is crucial. For rowing machines, you need at least 2-years for mechanical problems.

Also, avoid products that ask you to ship your machine back to the provider for fixing. Most likely, you’ll have to pay over £100 in transport fees, and you’ll also need the original box.

Luckily, JTX Freedom V2 has a 2-year in-home repair warranty, so it’s easy to contact JTX is anything happens.

This company also has a reputation for stellar customer service, so that’s another win.

Another thing to look out for is the return policy.

Some rowing machine retailers offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their products. However, you may need to pay the reshipping fees, and you need to keep the original box.

Conversely, JTX Freedom V2 has a 28-day money-back policy, and they don’t even need the original box.

Find out more on JTX Fitness.

In Conclusion

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine is a reliable piece of equipment for home gyms. We discussed features such as durability, programmes, and ergonomic design. Although it sports basic functionality, Freedom V2 is best for people who want to challenge themselves constantly.

We’re not saying the machine is perfect. Many reviewers would have liked to see more programmes, more resistance levels, and at least a couple of memory slots. 

But JTX Freedom V2 is sturdy, comfortable, and can definitely increase your muscle mass and endurance.

Try it out; there’s always the 28-day return policy to fall back on.

Find out more on JTX Fitness.



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