JTX Pro-10 Tri-plane Vibration Plate Review

Looking for a comprehensive JTX Pro-10 power plate review?

Do you know how many vibration plates are on the market? Thousands of models online with thousands of more being sold offline.

So choosing the best vibration plate for your needs can be a time-consuming chore, as you do endless hours of research to compare these models.

Luckily, this article might help you out. The JTX Pro-10 power plate is one of the best, most effective vibration trainers on the market, with plenty of health benefits and many happy customers.

No matter who you are or what your purpose is for choosing a vibration plate, the JTX Pro-10 can help you out:

Total Body Tri-Plane Vibration

jtx pro-10 power plate review

Tri-planar devices are the most advanced types of vibration machines. Instead of moving the platform on a vertical or horizontal basis, tri-planar devices like the JTX Pro-10 vibrate in all directions.

That translates into a comprehensive vibration of your muscles:

The vertical vibrations travel directly upwards, activating your entire body and making the lymphatic fluid move. This motion activates blood circulation.

The oscillating vibrations activate your core because you need to maintain your stability. These vibrations are extremely powerful in the midriff area, burning through your adipose fat tissue and relieving pain in this area.

As such, the JTX Pro-10 is suitable for a wide range of purposes, whether you need strength training, weight loss, improved circulation, or pain relief.

30-50 Hz Frequency

The JTX Pro-10 is a high-frequency device thanks to its maximum frequency of 50 Hz. That means your body will vibrate in a tri-planar movement a maximum of 50 times per second.

Take into account that this frequency range doesn’t take into account friction. The max 50Hz is an absolute value, so once you climb up on the JTX Pro-10, your weight will add friction, which will slightly decrease this frequency.

Comparing the JTX Pro-10 with other similar devices in the industry, including expensive-range vibration plates like the MY5, you can see that this range of frequency is high.

Better Circulation And Pain Relief

A bigger frequency aka more vibrations activate your blood flow and improve your circulation. That way, your muscles receive more blood so they can unwind. This leads to pain relief and improved flexibility.

More Muscle Mass And Less Fat Weight 

The combination of the high-frequency range and the tri-planar movement means your muscles will be activated better and in a more comprehensive way.

As a result, you will increase your muscle mass so you can tone up faster. 

More muscle mass, in combination with a tri-planar, high-frequency motion, reduces your fat deposits so you can lose weight.

More muscle mass and less fat weight lead to an upward-spiral increase in your muscle mass because of your static metabolic rate increases. This increase in BMR means you also lose more weight.

Improved Balance And Core Strength

The powerful range of vibrations and the tri-planar movement that targets your core challenge your balance on the machine, especially if you’re not holding on to the handles.

While your core contracts to keep your balance, your abdominal muscles have to work harder, which leads to improved core strength.

Better balance and more core strength lead to an improved posture throughout your day, minimizing the risk of back or neck pain.

Easy Adjustments

The adjustments allow improved versatility so you can use the JTX Pro-10 for a wide range of goals. 

The frequency is easy to adjust in 1 Hz increments, meaning you can reduce or increase the vibration by subtracting or adding just one vibration per second. 

These adjustments are quite precise, and they’re kept in check courtesy of a powerful motor.

You can also adjust the amplitude so you can adjust the intensity levels for all your exercises. That way, you will use the JTX Pro-10 according to your strength and needs so you can improve your fitness level.

User-friendly Display

jtx pro-10 vibration plate review

The main console is easy to use, with a low learning curve navigation system. The console is touch-screen, and the buttons are wide enough and easy to activate. 

The icons that represent different options are intuitive, and so you can use the JTX Pro-10 right out of the box. Besides, the console has a convenient, easy-to-reach location near the handles.

Comfort Exercise Mat

The added comfort mat is a plus for any exercises in your routine, whether you’re using it for a massage or your crunches and back-bows. 

This mat reduces vibrations when you’re placing it on top of the JTX Pro-10, which can be good if you want to focus on a relaxation massage with therapeutic benefits.

Noise Reduction Mat

The noise reduction mat is, of course, excellent for reducing noise and therefore preventing your downstairs neighbours from hearing you using the Pro-10.

But consider this: a noise reduction mat works because it prevents the floor from absorbing the vibrations. That way, your body absorbs more vibrations, which translates into more health and fitness benefits for you.

Power Straps

jtx pro 10 power straps

The added power straps are an excellent addition because you can work smarter and not necessarily harder.

The JTX promises that 15 minutes on the Pro-10 equates one hour at the gym – and this statement might have a merit if you’re working your whole body at the same time.

You can use these power straps as resistance bands to increase your upper body strength level, but they also absorb some of the Pro-10’s vibrations. As such, your upper body gets a more comprehensive workout than a run-of-the-mill resistance-band training.

Exercise Guidejltx pro-10 tri-plane vibration plate review

The exercise guide helps you find the right sort of exercises for your needs, so you can improve your fitness level and get more health benefits out of using the Pro-10.

It’s a good idea to alternate these exercises because it keeps your muscles guessing. That way, you’re training your muscles differently each time, which avoids workout fatigue.

Shipping And Warranty 

The JTX Pro-10 has an excellent support system and fast delivery dates, in one to two days. This vibration plate is easy to install if you follow the instructions, but you’ll probably need another person to help.

The 3-years warranty for labour and parts, with all the necessary in-home repairs, is on par with guarantees from similar, yet more expensive vibration plates on the market, like the MY5.

Dimensions, Stability, And Portability

The JTX Pro-10 is not a small vibration trainer. You need to clear a 78 x 106 cm space for it in your home, and it weighs about 30 kg.

These dimensions translate into a sturdy, stable piece of machine with a wide base and a resistant steel frame. 

The bonus? You can also move it around the house easily thanks to the rear wheels.

The 157 cm height means even taller people can use the JTX Pro-10, and the 160 kg weight limit is above average for the industry.

Wrap Up

The JTX Pro-10 isn’t right in the affordable range, but it’s a comprehensive vibration trainer that exercises your muscles, improves your blood flow, relieves pain, and helps you lose weight.

This stable machine, with a powerful motor and a user-friendly design, helps you exercise your whole body just like any other more expensive machines.

I hope you enjoyed our JTX Pro-10 tri-plane vibration plate review. Do you already have a vibration machine or you plan to make the JTX Pro-10 your first?

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