JTX Strider X7 Review – Still worth buying it?

Looking for an in-depth JTX Strider-X7 cross trainer review?

JTX Fitness is a reputable brand in the world of home fitness machines. From treadmills to exercise bikes, from rowing machines to cross trainers, JTX delivers high-quality, effective fitness machines. And JTX Strider-X7 fits the bill too.

JTX Strider-X7 Home Cross Trainer, 16' Stride Length, 12.5kg Flywheel, 16 Resistance...
129 Reviews
JTX Strider-X7 Home Cross Trainer, 16" Stride Length, 12.5kg Flywheel, 16 Resistance...
  • 16 POINT ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RESISTANCE with a 12.5kg flywheel

This home cross trainer has been around for some time. People say it’s good even though it’s not in the high-price category.

But what are its true benefits? What are its cons? Is it worth getting it? This article analyses all its features and what could have been better about its construction.

JTX Strider X7 home cross trainer review

Best Features

The JTX Strider is a value-for-money cross-trainer that promises a complete body workout. Let’s analyse its key features to see what it has to offer and where it could use some improvements.

Large Colour-Touch Screen Console

The screen console located at the front is large and easy to read. The best parts about it are:jtx strider x7 home cross trainer review

The quick-start buttons allow you to adjust your resistance quickly depending on your needs. This feature is really helpful when you’re doing interval training, with alternating bursts of intense and moderate effort.
It’s easy to program.
It allows you to save a maximum of four personalised workout programs.


Plus, it offers you various stats, including:

Progress tracking


The best thing about the console is that you won’t just get readings of these stats. This cross trainer allows you to select a feature, say calories or power, and to turn it into a target. That way, you can organise your whole workout according to your purpose.

Another advantage to the Strider-X7’s console is that it’s both coloured and touchscreen. This makes it easy to read so you can make quick adjustments and select your preferences.

21 Programs

The 21 built-in programs of the Strider-X7 are comprehensive and versatile, allowing you to:

Exercise your muscles efficiently and comprehensively.
Spice things up so you can avoid boredom.
Overcome weight loss or training plateaus.
Use this cross trainer with your whole family.
Select different intensities according to your mood or strength level during different days.

Not many home machines offer this type of variety when it comes to their built-in training programs, so it’s surprising to see it from an affordable elliptical trainer like the Strider-X7.

The best news is that you can save four customised workout programs. This feature is good for people who:

Want to save time.
Like to repeat a few of the same workouts.
Exercise with their families.

16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

The 16 levels of magnetic resistance complement well the 21 built-in programs.

This combination allows you more freedom when it comes to making your workout challenging for your fitness level. Another advantage is that you can crank up your intensity in small degrees, so you can increase your strength and cardio endurance safely.

Choose the low resistance levels for your warm-up, before your cool down or if yourcardiovascular resistance is not that good. Use the high resistance levels if you want to challenge yourself, gain more muscle strength and more endurance.

You can shift from one resistance level to the other smoothly thanks to the incorporated magnetic brake system.

Integrated Pulse Receiver

The Strider-X7 boasts a free heart rate chest strap. This measures your heart rate and keeps track of your body fat, allowing you to reach your endurance and weight loss goals. Although this pulse monitor isn’t as reliable as a medical device, it still gives you a good idea of where you’re at.

You can use the heart rate training option to select make sure you’ve entered the fat-burning zone or to ensure you’re at your maximum aerobic capacity.

You will select your maximum desired heart rate depending on what your purpose is, then the built-in computer selects the necessary resistances to keep you into that zone.

16-inch Stride Length
jtx strider magnetic cross trainer review

Stride length is an important feature for any cross trainer because it determines how stable and comfortable your machine is.

A small stride length is restrictive and uncomfortable, meaning you’ll start avoiding your workouts or you’ll push through them and end up with foot pain or calluses.
A very wide stride length is not good either because it forces you to open your legs in a way that doesn’t feel natural.

16 inches worth of stride length is wide enough for most step lengths of adults, so you can work out efficiently and effectively. This feature is accompanied by non-slip adjustable pedals which allow you to train confidently in this machine’s stability.

12.5 kg Flywheel

The 12.5 kg flywheel offers increased stability, so it works well with the 16-inch stride. JTX also claims that this flywheel makes the Strider-X7 a silent elliptical trainer, which is almost true.

The truth is that the Strider-X7 makes slight noises, which is to be expected because you can’t have a completely silent gym machine. But, if you use a little grease on its hinges, it can be even quieter so you can listen to music or your favourite show while working out.


It’s important for your cross trainer to be ergonomic and comfortable. These characteristics relate to how safely and efficiently your exercise, as well as how often you choose to workout.

The Strider-X7 has non-slip pedals, which are safe even for intense workouts.
The footplate design is ergonomic, making sure your ankles are aligned to your knees and your hips. This natural alignment takes the pressure off your ankles, with the purpose of minimising the risk of injury.
The floor pads are adjustable for different types of surfaces, including uneven ones. That way, the Strider-X7 is a versatile cross-trainer that can be used safely in any room of your house.

Sturdy and Easy to Store

The Strider-X7 is 130 x 70 x 170 cm (l x w x h) and weighs 54 kg. That makes it a compact, but sturdy cross trainer, which can support people up to 130 kg.

Even if the Strider-X7 weighs a lot, the wheels allow you to move it easily from room to room before or after your workout.

Good Warranty

The 5-year frame warranty and the 2-year in-home repair warranty guarantee you that the JTX Strider-X7 is a resistant cross trainer that will last you for many years to come.

Is The JTX Strider-X7 Worth It?

The answer is yes, although the Strider-X7 is far from perfect.

JTX Strider-X7 Home Cross Trainer, 16' Stride Length, 12.5kg Flywheel, 16 Resistance...
129 Reviews
JTX Strider-X7 Home Cross Trainer, 16" Stride Length, 12.5kg Flywheel, 16 Resistance...
  • 16 POINT ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RESISTANCE with a 12.5kg flywheel

It’s sturdy but not as robust as a gym cross-trainer. It has a user-friendly console, but it could have a bottle holder too. It’s silent enough for your neighbours not to hear it, but you can hear some of its squeaks. And lastly, it works well, but it doesn’t come with stellar instructions for its assembly.

However, all these gripes don’t really affect its functionality. The Strider-X7 is versatile, with an extensive array of programs and resistance levels, plus it comes with a free chest strap for monitoring your heart rate.

This cross trainer allows you to exercise effectively and to challenge yourself every day, so you can constantly improve your fitness level. Hope you enjoyed this JTX Strider-X7 review. If there are any other machines you’d like us to review, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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