JTX Tri-Fit Incline Cross Trainer Review | Is it Worth Your Money?

A quick look at its price tag and you can’t help but compare the JTX Tri-Fit with more affordable cross trainers. Is the Tri-Fit worth such a big spend?

We’ll look into that in the article below. We’ll analyse all its features, see what’s with all the hype, and if there’s something missing from this cross-trainer.

JTX Tri-Fit Cross Trainer Review

Robust and Space-savingjtx tri-fit elliptical trainer review

The Tri-Fit is not a small machine. It’s assembled size is 153 x 75 x 173 cm and it weighs 75 kg, so it’s pretty difficult to move (thank the universe for the added wheels). Plus, it takes plenty of space in your living room.

But unlike other cross-trainers, the Tri-Fit sports a space-saving design which means you don’t need a lot of room between your walls and the machine to take full advantage of its functionalities.

The Tri-Fit also boasts a bigger maximum user weight than other cross-trainers: 150 kg thanks to its sturdy construction.

Stride Adjustment

This feature is important for comfort and versatility, as well as safety. The JTX Tri-Fit has an adjustable stride, between 16 to 20 inches, which accommodates people with different heights and foot sizes.

While 16 inches is enough for most adults, the ability to adjust your stride helps you:

Train effectively.
Choose the intense running motion, which is challenging for people who are very fit.

The lower stride is natural and can support people who don’t have a high fitness level. Thanks to this feature, you can grow into your cross trainer, which will adjust to your improvement and fitness level.

Incline Adjustment

You can control the incline easily without messing with your stride length because these two adjustment options work independently from each other.

If you select a bigger incline, you add more resistance. This option enhances your core strength and works your glutes better. A smaller incline focuses on your thighs and increases your cardiovascular endurance.

You can combine this feature with a longer stride to make your workout more difficult and to exercise your muscles more comprehensively. That way, you can become fitter and burn more calories to accelerate your weight loss.

16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

It’s important to choose a cross-trainer with multiple levels of resistance, like the Tri-Fit. That way, you can select a lower level for your warm-up and for your cool-down, as well as for lower fitness levels.

Multiple resistance levels allow you to become better and to increase the level of difficulty in small, easily adjustable increments.

The Tri-Fit boasts a Smooth-Drive system that’s easy to adjust via the side button. You don’t need to stop for this adjustment, and you won’t be joggled by the Tri-Fit in the process.

17 kg Flywheel

The flywheel is heavier than other flywheels sported by more affordable cross-trainers. Why is it important to have a heavier flywheel?

It allows for smoother changes between resistances.jtx tri-fit incline cross trainer
It allows for more stability.
It’s more silent thanks to the SmoothDrive™ system.
It helps optimize your workouts because the cross-trainer keeps pace with your fitness level.


18 Built-in Programs

The 18 included programs cover a wide array of training types so you can:

Choose a program that fits your level
Stay motivated
Improve your fitness level
Work your muscles comprehensively every day, with fewer rest days in between your workouts

The Tri-Fit also has the option of customising one workout. This feature is good, but there are other cheaper cross trainers that allow you to customise multiple programs.

Heart-rate Training

The Tri-Fit comes with the free Polar-compatible chest strap which allows you to make your workouts more effective by taking your heart rate into account.

The chest strap has a wireless connection, and all you have to do is choose your preferred heart rate zone depending on your purpose:

Fat burning
Maximum aerobic capacity
Strength training

After that, the computer will automatically adjust the resistance level to make sure you reach your goals.

The additional Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor would be a good addition if you want optimized workouts with top results because it connects to your smartphone and saves your progress.

Advanced Computerjtx tri-fit cross trainer review

Tri Fit’s computer keeps track of all your stats, it’s intuitive, and it’s large enough to be easy to read. You can use it to select some programs that keep you motivated and enhance your training experience, such as:

Free Kinomaps app to make you believe you’re working outside thanks to the beautiful images
Connect with friends in various trials and challenges, and to share your progress
Create training circuits throughout the world via the i-Console app and Google maps, with automatic resistance adjustments

Ergonomic Design

The Tri-Fit is bio-mechanically designed to be comfortable, safe, and ergonomic. That way, you can maintain a correct posture during exercises, which minimizes the risk of exercise-induced pain or injury.

This ergonomic design allows you to work your upper body effectively. The Tri-Fit keeps your feet in comfortable alignment with your ankles and hips thanks to the 150 mm Q-factor, while the multi-grip handlebars are very comfortable.

JTX Tri-Fit: Incline Cross Trainer - 16-20” Adjustable Stride Length - Adjustable...
  • INCLINE CONTROL. Increase the incline to focus the workout...

Easy to Adjust

When you’re doing interval training, it’s important to have a smooth transition between intervals. The handlebars have various buttons to select your resistance and mode of training, which allows you to change between intensities without stopping.

The handlebars also boast easy-to-reach start and stop buttons, which are convenient and enhance the safety of the Tri-Fit.

Easy to Assemble

Most issues with assembling your cross-trainer come from their multiple moving parts. The Tri-Fit is easy to set up in your living room because most of its moving parts are pre-assembled, except for the upper handlebars.

Besides, the instructions manual is complete with all the instructions you need to start working out quickly.


The Tri-Fit boasts various user-friendly features such as:

High-quality speakers on the consoles to play the music that motivates you
Bluetooth feature to connect to your favourite fitness app on your smartphone
Water-bottle holder
Transport wheels

Good Warranty

The warranties show how much confidence JTX has in its product. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, while the parts come with a 2-year warranty for in-home repair.

JTX Tri-Fit Conclusion

The Tri-Fit is a commercial-grade cross-trainer packed with features that explain its high retail price. From the adjustable stride length to the multiple features for interactive training and motivation, it’s clear that Tri-Fit isn’t an ordinary cross-trainer.

What could have been better? A lower price, of course, as well as the ability to customise and save more workouts.

However, this machine allows you to work out effectively, to challenge yourself, and to follow your fitness goals because it sports plenty of resistance adjustments, various programs, and a heart-zone option. Besides, it’s silent and sturdy, with enviable warranties.

Hope you enjoyed this JTX Tri-Fit review. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like us to review any other fitness machines.

JTX Tri-Fit: Incline Cross Trainer - 16-20” Adjustable Stride Length - Adjustable...
  • INCLINE CONTROL. Increase the incline to focus the workout...

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