Is Spinning Good For Weight Loss?

What do Demi Lovato, Khloe Kardashian, and Jessica Alba have in common?

The love for spinning.

And soon, we can add your name to that list.

The internet swears by this fat-torching type of exercise to help you shed pounds and trim your abs. But does it really work, or is it just a fad like your grandma’s cabbage soup meal plan?

We’re here to explain the science behind spinning. We’ll analyse how many calories this burns and whether it helps you lose belly fat.


We have plenty of tips to help you trim your stomach muscles according to the shape you covet.

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Are Spin Classes Good For Weight Loss?

are spin classes good for weight loss?

Spin classes have a reputation for quick weight loss as lots of people shed astonishing amounts of pounds by just spinning.

Here’s the thing, though:

You have to choose the right type of training.

Studies show that doing HIIT on your spin bike can help you lose more weight in the long term and keep your heart healthier. Besides, HIIT improves your body composition, meaning you’ll burn your fat stores effectively.

How much weight are you losing after a spin class?

An average 45-minute spin class can help you get rid of about 500 calories. Although it sounds like a lot put this figure into perspective:

  • Firstly, you have to push really hard for those 500 calories.
  • Secondly, you have to eat clean. One slice of pizza or one doughnut will erase your progress.

Will I Lose Weight Spinning 3 Times A Week?

spinning for weight loss

Yes, you will lose weight, spinning three times a week. If you burn 1500 calories/ week from your three 45-minute sessions, you’re losing about 0.5 pounds of fat every week.

However, two factors can interfere with your weight loss progress:

The first one is eating too much and too unhealthily. If you want to keep your progress going, make sure you’re eating a clean, healthy diet without over-indulging.

The second one is eating too little. The lack of nutrients combined with excessive exercise depletes your body of fuel. In this situation, your body will slow down its secondary processes so that your significant organs have enough energy.

As a result, your metabolism decelerates.

You’ll notice if this happens because you’ll feel exhausted, your head will hurt, and you won’t lose any more weight.

So while in theory, spinning three times a week helps you lose weight, you’ll have to nourish your body instead of punishing yourself or overindulging.

Does Spinning Burn Fat?

spin bike fat loss

Forty-five minutes of spinning burns 500 calories. That means you need seven spin sessions to burn one pound of fat, which is the equivalent of 3500 calories.

Looking at just these numbers hides a major trap:


Many people who want to burn a lot of body fat quickly will spin for at least 2-3 hours/ day, every day, hoping this strategy accelerates their fat loss project.

However, other factors influence your fat loss.

Harvard Health states that up to 75% of the calories you burn each day come from resting energy expenditure. Translation: you need a fast metabolism that burns energy when you’re resting.

The good news is this first study we cited shows HIIT-based spin classes accelerate your metabolism and improve body composition.

The bad news is spinning doesn’t create lean muscles. Strength training/ resistance training is a necessary workout if you want to burn more fat weight because:

  • Toned muscles require more glucose so that your body will burn more calories even when you’re resting.
  • One pound of muscle has a smaller volume than one pound of fat. So strength training can help you look smaller even without losing considerable amounts of weight.

Then there’s the part about muscle imbalances.

Remember that spinning chiefly exercises your quads, hamstrings and calves. Although your entire body is activated during a spin class, not all your muscles work equally hard.

Consequently, many people complain their jeans don’t fit them anymore after six months of just spinning.

The moral of the story is to invest your workout time wisely:

Spin classes will help you lose weight and will tone your lower body. However, you should also do some upper body strength training combined with core conditioning on your spin rest days.

Does Spinning Help You Lose Belly Fat?    

is spinning good for losing belly fat?

Spinning helps you lose belly fat, but you have to know these things first:

You can’t target one body part when it comes to losing fat. That’s a myth that’s been busted numerous times.

For example, you can’t trim just your belly, just your inner thighs, or just your flabby arms. You’ll need to condition and shape your entire body, but remember this:

Fitness doesn’t look the same for everyone.

So yes, spinning helps you lose belly fat if you’re eating a complete nourishing clean diet and strength training your entire body.

Will Spinning Flatten Your Stomach?

Yes, spinning can flatten your stomach because spinning burns fat weight in combination with a clean, healthy diet.

However, you should consider strength training and specific core conditioning if you want a six-pack. Your trainer can help you with personalised advice, but you can also find plenty of literature online.

Pro tip: You can specifically adapt your spinning routine for different types of flat stomachs.

For example:

If you want a six-pack, focus primarily on steady-state cardio plus some HIIT workouts to avoid weight-loss plateaus. Focus on crunches and planks in your core days, but remember to include lower back exercises to prevent muscle imbalances.

If you prefer a lean-looking core without anything too obvious, keep your core contracted while spinning. Add exercises that work out your entire core, such as planks or lunges.

If you want to highlight your obliques, bend over your spin bike, moving side-to-side. Include plenty of hip raises, Russian twists, and windshield wipers during your floor core routine.

In Conclusion

Spinning is good for weight loss because it helps you burn around 500 calories in a 45-minute session. However, you need to watch what you’re eating and incorporate other exercises in your routine to shape your body.

If you’re taking part in spin classes, ask your personal trainer for personalised advice according to your goals.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an indoor spin bike, get one that’s suited for your needs. For example, some spin bikes are better for core conditioning, others for fat loss, and others for steady-state aerobic training.

So, to achieve the best results, get a spin bike that will help you meet your goals quickly.


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