Sportstech FX300 review

sportstech fx300 folding treadmill review

If you’re like most of us, you’re having a hard time staying motivated long enough to reach your fitness and health goals. But imagine a world where you’d wake up every day eager to step on that treadmill and make your dreams come true. If you lack the motivation to work out, Sportstech FX300 is …

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Cross Trainer vs Treadmill

cross trainer vs treadmill

Did you know that choosing the wrong equipment is one of the top reasons for injuries and weight loss plateaus? When it comes to cross trainer vs treadmill there’s no right or wrong answer. You have to choose a machine that will suit your fitness needs, space, and pre-existing conditions. However, an elliptical trainer can …

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Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill Review: Does It Live Up To Its Hype?

branx fitness foldable 'elite runner pro' soft drop system treadmill - 6.5hp motor 0-22 level auto incline - 'dual shock 10-point absorption system review

Each time you buy a product, you want to know the pros and cons. Is your purchase worth the money? The same goes for treadmills. You want to know how well they perform, if they’re durable and if they help you reach your fitness goals. That’s why we decided to review the Branx Fitness Elite …

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In this category, we’ll tackle the best treadmills that you can buy online in the UK.

Whether you need a manual or an electric one, we thoroughly review some of the most popular and feature-rich products, starting from the cheapest and going all the way to the gym-like equipment. Manual treadmills are self-powered while the motorised ones – as the name suggests – are electric powered.

Treadmills are a great way of keeping yourself in shape when the weather is awful (we’re British – we’re used to that) or multi-tasking while watching your favourite TV show. They’re not only convenient, but you’ll also find quite a few of them at a reasonable price. So, there’s no excuse for no sweat!

Plus, if space is a problem, choosing a folding treadmill might just be the answer.