How to Use a Rowing Machine for Beginners

how to use a rowing machine

Using a rowing machine looks fun and empowering. Imagine yourself now, all sweaty and strong after your workout, your muscles already glowing beneath your sexy tank-top and shorts. Although they boast many benefits, rowers aren’t smooth sailing from the get-go.  Many beginners keep wrong postures and row incorrectly. That makes them more prone to injuries …

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5 Best Rowing Machines Under £500

best rowing machine under £500

Getting a reliable rowing machine under £500 allows you to exercise your entire body, from neck to toe, so that you can build muscle mass and increase your endurance. However, you have to pick a quality, comfortable, durable rower that helps you reach your fitness goals. That sounds intimidating for the price range. It almost …

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Is A Rowing Machine Good For Weight Loss?

is rowing good for losing weight?

Almost everybody suspects that rowing machines are good for weight loss. You, too, may have a loved one or colleague who lost astonishing amounts of weight in just a couple of months of rowing. But is there any truth in that? And what’s the science behind it? We’ll dig through the mountains of data, myths, …

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5 Best Budget Rowing Machines

best budget rowing machine

If you need the best budget rowing machine for home use, you’re on the right page. We’ll discuss several popular models to see if they fit your needs. As such, we’ll break down their main characteristics and see why these features could help you. To this end, we’ve selected value-for-money rowers that cover the whole …

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What Muscles Does A Rowing Machine Work?

muscles worked by a rowing machine

Before buying a fitness machine for home use, it’s important to find out which muscles are being worked by it. Rowing machines are recommended to people who want intense but low-impact exercises for the entire body. So, the short answer is that the rowing machine works your entire body through a combination of resistance and …

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JTX Freedom Air Rower V2 Review: good value?

jtx freedom air rowing machine v2 review

In this article we’ll thoroughly review one of the latest indoor rowing machine on the market, the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine V2. Marketed as an upgraded version of the old Freedom Air Rower, JTX has put a lot of thought into designing the Freedom V2. You’ll find a sleek and durable machine that’s best …

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Concept 2 Model D with PM5 Review: Pros and Cons

concept 2 model d with pm5 monitor review

  Indoor rowers are amazing fitness machines that help you exercise your entire body and therefore burn a significant number of calories. But not all of them are created equal, and the Concept 2 Model D indoor rower stands out in the world of rowing machines. With amazing features that speak volumes about its sturdiness, …

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9 Best Rowing Machines in the UK in 2024

best rowing machine

Did you know that according to the latest studies, people with a pear-shaped body who accumulate fat deposits predominantly in their arms and hips benefit from total body training the most? But for everyone who’s interested in maximising their workouts, total body workouts are incredibly useful. And getting the best rowing machine allows you to …

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When we talk about the best rowing machine, there’s one name that always pops into our mind straight-away: Concept 2 Model D.

It’s by far the best selling rowing machine worldwide. Not just that, but you’ll also find it in almost any decent gym out there.

However, it’s quite pricey. Unless you want to make the most of your workouts and plan to use it regularly, you don’t have to spend that much on a machine. There’s a ton of cheap rowing machines that can satisfy your limited needs.

There are many benefits of using a rowing machine therefore, staying in shape is a must!