Best Spin Bike for Home – Top 5 Reviews

best spin bike for home uk

Cardiovascular diseases affects about a fifth of the UK population. In the US, a person dies from a heart attack every 40 seconds. Those grim statistics show that we need to take charge of our health. Spinning bikes can improve cardiovascular health and endurance, and add years to your life. However, you need to choose …

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11 Best Treadmills in the UK in 2024: From £100 to £2000

best treadmill uk

Some personal trainers dislike treadmills and what this equipment stands for: overexerting yourself for hours on end and running until you puke just to shed a few pounds. These trainers also recommend sensible 30-45-minute workouts each day that must include strength training. That approach works well but has one major fault: people aren’t always good …

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At What Incline Should You Walk on a Treadmill?

what incline should you walk on a treadmill

There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the right incline on a treadmill. A steeper incline will obviously require more energy to walk, which means you’ll burn more calories. However, it’s essential to find the right balance between too much and too little incline. If the incline is too steep, you …

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7 Best Budget Exercise Bikes (under £200)

best budget exercise bike under £200

Looking for a great workout but lack the money for an expensive indoor bike? Check out our list of the best budget exercise bikes in the UK market below! You can get a fantastic workout at home for a fraction of a gym membership. We’ve included a variety of models so that you can find …

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6 Best Compact Treadmills for Small Spaces

A treadmill is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy, but not everyone has room for a large machine in their home. That’s where compact treadmills come in! They’re smaller and more lightweight than traditional treadmills, making them perfect for people who have limited space. So whether you are short on space …

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5 Best Exercise Bikes for Heavy People

best exercise bike for heavy person uk

It can be tricky when you sit at your computer to finally find the right exercise bike. The options overwhelm you, and you may be unsure of your choice, especially if you have special requirements. Things are infinitely more complex if you’re obese or morbidly obese. The problem is you have a budget, goals, and …

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How to use a Cross Trainer as a Beginner

how to use a cross trainer

Getting an elliptical is the first important step on your road to fitness. The second is learning how to use it properly. When you’re looking at other people using these machines at the gym, the motions seem relatively natural. And yes, ellipticals are fairly intuitive compared to other gym equipment. But newbies can make mistakes. …

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7 Common Stationary Bike Problems

common exercise bike issues

Stationary bikes are fun and convenient calorie-burners that seamlessly help you attain your fitness goals. You can improve your stamina, endurance, mindset, shape your muscles, and change your weight. And you can do all that from your PJs in front of the telly. But there’s a problem: Like all machines invented by people, exercise bikes …

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Treadmill Maintenance: What and How To do It

treadmill maintenance tips

Buying a treadmill is like buying a car. You’re happy riding it at first, but then reality hits, and you realise all the maintenance work involved.  Of course, nobody is pressuring you to do this routine maintenance – but you’ll have to if you want that running band to last. And it’s not that tedious …

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How to Use a Rowing Machine for Beginners

how to use a rowing machine

Using a rowing machine looks fun and empowering. Imagine yourself now, all sweaty and strong after your workout, your muscles already glowing beneath your sexy tank-top and shorts. Although they boast many benefits, rowers aren’t smooth sailing from the get-go.  Many beginners keep wrong postures and row incorrectly. That makes them more prone to injuries …

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Best Folding Treadmill: Top 6 Running Machines

Do you love running when the weather is nice, but hate it when it’s cold or raining? Do you find it difficult to get to the gym to enjoy a good cardio workout? The solution to these problems is simple if you’re considering getting the best folding treadmill you can afford. With this running machine, …

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