7 Best Budget Exercise Bikes (under £200)

best budget exercise bike under £200

Looking for a great workout but lack the money for an expensive indoor bike? Check out our list of the best budget exercise bikes in the UK market below! You can get a fantastic workout at home for a fraction of a gym membership. We’ve included a variety of models so that you can find …

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5 Best Exercise Bikes for Heavy People

best exercise bike for heavy person uk

It can be tricky when you sit at your computer to finally find the right exercise bike. The options overwhelm you, and you may be unsure of your choice, especially if you have special requirements. Things are infinitely more complex if you’re obese or morbidly obese. The problem is you have a budget, goals, and …

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7 Common Stationary Bike Problems

common exercise bike issues

Stationary bikes are fun and convenient calorie-burners that seamlessly help you attain your fitness goals. You can improve your stamina, endurance, mindset, shape your muscles, and change your weight. And you can do all that from your PJs in front of the telly. But there’s a problem: Like all machines invented by people, exercise bikes …

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Muscles Worked By An Exercise Bike

muscles worked on an exercise bike

Exercise bikes are fantastic. You can hop on yours wearing your PJs as soon as you wake up or squeeze in a quick 15 minutes while your kids are finally playing by themselves. You can pedal with your eyes closed listening to music, while Netflixing, or while you’re gossiping with your friends. But are exercise …

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Best Spin Bike Under £300: 5 Durable Models For Quick Weight LOSS

best spin bike under £300

Spinning has many documented benefits on your overall health. You can lose weight, increase endurance, get a healthier heart, sleep better, and so forth. However, people with smaller budgets were at a disadvantage until recently. Spin bikes in the low price range aren’t always what you need in terms of comfort, durability, and performance. Luckily, …

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6 Best Spin Bikes Under £500

Affordable spin bikes that are quality, durable, and sturdy sound like a fairy-tale. But because the demand for home exercise equipment is booming, brands are doing their best to fill this niche. So, yes, the fairy-tale has now become a reality. We’ll review the best spin bikes under £500 currently on the market below. But …

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Best Exercise Bike Under £300: Top 5 Stationary Bikes in 2024

best stationary bike under £300

Getting the best exercise bike under £300 will help you achieve your dream weight, sculpt your entire body, and help you feel happier. Of course, you’ll be healthier too because you’ll be training your heart and lungs so that your cardiovascular endurance increases. Or maybe all that will never happen. Thousands of Brits choose the …

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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike: 5 Best Models

best recumbent stationary bike

Recumbent bikes help burn calories; they tone your lower body and increase joint mobility. They build a strong foundation so you can become more robust – or stop yourself from losing strength if you’re going through a rough time fitness-wise. The problem is which model to choose. You don’t want to spend an excessive amount …

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Types Of Exercise Bikes: which to choose (and which to AVOID)

types of exercise bikes

Stationary bikes are trendy, but not all are created equal. Some are best for HIIT, some for steady-state cardio. Some indoor bikes are best for increasing your muscle mass, whereas others are best for improved flexibility. So it all boils down to your needs. We’re going to take you through all the exercise bikes types; …

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Exercise bikes, also known as stationary bikes, are – as the name suggests – indoor bikes that come with many great benefits.

There are three different types of stationary bikes: spin bikes, recumbent bikes and upright bikes.

The spin bikes are pretty much similar to a normal bike, the only difference is that you’re not going anywhere. Great for athletes or passionate bikers that can’t enjoy the sceneries because of the awful weather.

Recumbent bikes are ideal for people looking for a lighter training or even needing to recover from a previous injury. Or maybe someone suffering from back problems. They fit best thanks to their interesting design, offering a comfortable position and great back support while you’re working out your legs.

Upright bikes are usually smaller and more compact. The position is somehow similar to a real bike but the handles are normally higher. If you’re in the need of space and on a budget, they might be the thing you need.

You can read our exercise bike reviews to find out more in regards to what each type of indoor bike has to offer.