Are Home Multi Gyms Any Good?

are multi gyms worth it?

Home multi-gyms are very popular because they provide reliable full-body strength workouts. Instead of going to the gym, many people prefer to exercise from their homes. And from that regard, a home multi gym will help you exercise your entire body from neck to calves comprehensively.

Sometimes, though, multi gyms break or aren’t challenging enough anymore. We’ll tell you why that happens and what you can do below:

Are Multi Gyms Good?

Multi-gyms are good because:

  • They exercise your entire body so that you can build more muscles effectively and also burn a significant amount of calories
  • They improve your lung and cardiovascular capacity. That leads to increased endurance and stamina
  • They’re compact enough if you compare them to all the machines at the gym they’re trying to replace
  • They can keep your motivation high, whereas going all the way to the gym or exercising in front of others can seem daunting
  • They’re safe
  • They come with impressive weight stacks so that you can scale up your fitness level. That way, a multi-gym is an investment that will last you for years

Warning: Not all multi-gyms are created equal so choose one that’s good according to your needs. Even if you’re working with a smaller budget, remember that there are plenty of quality and affordable items to purchase, so never compromise on that quality.

Are Home Multi Gyms Worth It?

Home multi-gyms are worth it because they’re affordable compared to your gym membership. You can find high-quality multi-gyms even at £400. By comparison, you’re paying an average of £40/ month for a gym membership.

Basically, your investment in a home multi gym will start paying off after ten months of use. And remember, yours will last you for years if you’re doing some research before buying it.

And there’s another thing:

Home multi-gyms are worth it because they keep your motivation up. After all, the thing is there in your home, so you can’t postpone using it as you do postpone going to the gym or for a run.

Are Home Multi Gyms Good For Building Muscle?

Home multi-gyms will help you build muscle because these machines use weight resistance. Their weight stacks are massive enough to get a good challenge and activate your muscles’ growth.

Now here’s what you’re probably thinking:

Sure, home multi-gyms are great for beginners who can level up their fitness levels. What about mid or advanced levels?

If you’ve done some research before landing on this website, you probably saw this warning: at some point, you will become stronger than your multi gym’s weight stack, at least for some exercises.

That’s not entirely wrong, but:

If you’re a bodybuilder or planning to become one, a home multi-gym won’t be enough for you. However, if you’re a regular person trying to build and maintain lean muscles, a home multi-gym is enough.

Because being a regular person means:

  • Not eating 100% clean all the time
  • Not working out intensely when you’re feeling devoid of energy, for example, after a night out or a night in calming a colicky baby
  • Exercising for about 30-45 minutes/ day 3-5 times per week

So if you’re doing this, your muscle mass will grow initially, and it will stay sculpted, but your strength won’t grow to Herculean levels.

Just think about it.

If you’re now using 5 kg for bicep curls, you can expect to grow to 15-20 kg. But do you think you can end up lifting 50 kg/ hand for this exercise?

The answer is no, at least not without dedicating every minute of your life to achieve this goal.

Pro tip: Assess your current fitness level and try to get a ballpark figure of how much you think you could progress. Then, purchase a multi-gym that will be challenging even when you’re scaling up.

Can You Add More Weight To A Multi Gym?

You can add more weight to a multi-gym, but you have to be careful about doing it.

Ask yourself whether your machine’s cable, pulleys or connections can hold the added weight. You can read online reviews or ask on dedicated forums, but your best bet is to double-check with the manufacturer.

In this case, you can:

  • Purchase a bigger weight stack from the manufacturer
  • Purchase specific weight plates from the manufacturer that will fit your machine

There’s a problem, though:

The manufacturer might say you can’t add any more weight and advises you to purchase a new model.

However, your machine won’t break if you add an extra pound or two. How much more weight you can add, though, that’s anybody’s guess, and it depends on how much risk you’re willing to take.

If you want to go on with this method, you can:

  • Place a fixed dumbbell on top of your weight stack
  • Add some lightweight barbell plates in between your weight stacks
  • Attach magnetic weights to your weight stack

Warning: Adding too much weight without your manufacturer’s approval can damage your home multi-gym and lead to severe injuries.

In Conclusion

Home multi-gyms are reliable fitness machines. They will improve your strength and endurance so that you can be healthier.

Home multi-gyms are scalable equipment, and chances are you won’t need any additional equipment if you consider your goals from the beginning. So, shortlist a few options and assess their weight stacks too.

That way, you’ll be sure to stay safe and continue sculpting your body.


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