Best Vibration Plate: 5 Devices That Pulse Your Pounds Away

A vibration plate is a machine that makes your body vibrate when you stand on it. Different kinds of vibration plates target your muscles differently, as you’ll see in the vibration plate reviews below.

So what does a vibration plate do?

When you stimulate your muscles with a vibration plate, the blood circulation in that area increases. Improved blood circulation has numerous benefits, helping you strengthen and tone your body, plus speeding up the recovery process by dispersing the accumulated lactic acid.

Vibration plate reviews

So if you’re looking for the best vibration plate for home use, read the reviews below.

Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate Review – budget and compact

Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate | Lose Fat & Tone Up at Home | 5 Programs + 180...
1,697 Reviews
Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate | Lose Fat & Tone Up at Home | 5 Programs + 180...
  • LOVE YOUR BODY & YOUR WORKOUT - Huge anti-slip surface for...
  • SLEEK & COMPACT DESIGN - A top-quality compact design makes...

Design that helps you lose weight

This piece of technology from Bluefin Fitness is one of the best vibration plates for weight loss thanks to its design.

Firstly, it has no handles, which means you’ll have nothing to hold on to. This challenges your balance and makes you burn more calories so that you can keep your stability.

Secondly, its 180 levels of vibration speeds make it easy to select the right vibration that challenges you according to your fitness level. Even if you don’t choose the highest level, this device helps you increase your difficulty level once you’ve gained more strength.

Increases mass muscle

If you like strength training, you’ll find that it’s pretty difficult to hold onto weights on a vibration plate. A weighted vest can make squats more challenging, but it does nothing for your upper body.

But the Bluefin Fitness plate comes with resistance bands that help you comprehensively work your whole body. That way, you can do traditional strength training movements for your upper body, instead of limiting yourself to push-ups.

Besides, you can work your upper body while you’re working your lower body, so your exercise sessions are more effective.

Easy to customise

Thanks to its 180 levels of vibration speed, you can challenge your muscles according to your preferences and strength level. You can easily choose a low setting if your balance isn’t that good or if you want to relax after your workout.

The five built-in programs are another asset. You can find the workout your body needs on a particular day, plus you can exercise your muscles differently to increase your toning.

bluefin fitness vibration plate review

Silent and compact

The vibro-drive motor is silent, so this vibration plate doesn’t interfere with your concentration.

The compact design makes it easy to move in whatever room you need. You can also easily pack it in a backpack and take it to work or on a trip.


The no-handles design is more challenging but if you need additional support, you can easily place this vibration plate close to a desk or wall to keep your balance.

The plate itself is anti-slip so you can keep your balance on it.

Add the Bluetooth speakers that improve your overall experience, the included nutrition guides to improve your diet, plus the sweat-resistant remote control – and you have a product that values user experience.

Reliable warranties

The Bluefin Fitness vibration plate comes with a money-back guarantee, along with a lifetime warranty for the motor.

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Check on Bluefin Fitness.

Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor 3D Review – compact, mid-end product

Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor 3D Power Vibration Plate | Oscillation, Vibration + 3D Motion |...
  • LOVE YOUR BODY & YOUR WORKOUT - Huge anti-slip surface for...

Dual motor design

This design encompasses two inner motors that spin independently. This spin creates a powerful 3D vibration, which increases the overall benefits of a vibration plate.

Anti-slip surface

The Bluefin 3D vibration plate doesn’t have handles, but the surface is anti-slip so you won’t fall off it. This design makes it easier to exercise your core because your balance is constantly challenged.

If you need more support during your routine, place this machine near a wall, sofa, or sturdy table to help keep your balance.

Improved muscle mass

The resistance cables are a good addition if you want to work your whole body. That way, you can gain more muscle mass and reduce your fat weight.

Plenty of customisation options

The 180 vibration levels are easy to change between and will challenge your muscles. You can also alternate between routines so you can work out your muscles comprehensively, thanks to five auto workout programs.

Good warranties

The motor comes with a lifetime warranty, and Bluefin promises “100% satisfaction or your money back”.

Reliable extras

The Bluefin 3D vibration plate comes with nutrition guides to help you eat healthily. Besides, the included remote is intuitive, easy to use, and sweat-resistant.

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Check on Bluefin Fitness.

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer Review – popular, low end

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer
648 Reviews
Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer
  • Pro Vibration Plate Trainer will help you reach your goals
  • Dimensions: 735 x 695 x 1220mm
  • Weight of machine: 28kg


The Pro Vibration Plate Trainer is a value-for-money product. Although it’s not the most compact vibration plate, it’s not that huge either. Its 28 kg weight makes it relatively easy to push around in your room so you can find the best place for it.

Adjustable to your fitness level

The Confidence Pro Fitness allows you to do a wide range of low impact exercises, from static squats, bridges, to planks or push-ups. You can even just stand on it, and it will still improve your blood circulation courtesy of a good vibration massage.

On the other hand, this machine has a 150 kg weight limit, so it’s not for heavy people. Judging after its size, the Pro Fitness could use higher handles too, especially for taller users.

User-friendly console

confidence pro fitness review

The display is easy to use and user-friendly, so you can quickly find the options you want to select.

However, the navigation menu doesn’t include an adjustable timer. The timer is preset at 10 minutes so if you need to do 45 seconds sets, you need an additional timer for that.

Another downside is that the heart display is not extremely accurate to measure your progress. But you’ll see the difference in your clothes’ sizes, after a few weeks.


This vibration plate is not noisy. You can select the speed and density that you’re most comfortable with, and the noise won’t distract you from your exercise routine.


The Pro Fitness is a good vibration plate to help your weight loss journey. The P2 setting targets fat burning and weight loss, so you can use this setting 10 minutes each day to speed up your weight loss process.

This vibration plate makes your muscles contract, so just by sitting on it, you will make your muscles work at least a little bit. That way, you can improve your tonus, recover after bed rest, and work your way up to more difficult exercises.

However, a more complete instructions manual could have told you more about the exercises you can do on this plate and how to use it more effectively.

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ZAAP TX-5000 Power Trainer Review – another popular, budget product

ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer
  • Increased muscle mass -Cellulite/body fat reduction
  • Improved circulation -Improved balance
  • Reduced stress and fatigue, Better flexibility

Increased muscle mass

With 50 incremental speed settings courtesy of the powerful 600W motor, the ZAAP TX-5000 can comprehensively improve blood circulation according to your needs.

This translates into an important body fat reduction, as your liver gets more blood to deal with pesky fat cells. In turn, this can attenuate cellulite.

Improved balance

You’ll have to work harder to make the most out of your low-impact exercises. If you’re new at this, the handles will help keep you stable on the vibration plate.

Improved flexibility

The three auto programs, speeds, and positions relieve sore muscles. That way, you can become more flexible and reduce muscle aches.

On the other hand, the instructions manual could be more comprehensive, in terms of use and operation so you could make the most of your routine.

Intuitive display

The display is intuitive and large. The 10-minute preset sessions can’t be changed, unfortunately, but you’ll see elapsed time on the screen. You can also adjust the speed and pulse and easily change between the three built-in programs.


Even at the highest setting, the powerful motor isn’t very noisy. So you can listen to music or watch your favourite show while you’re doing your exercises.


While this isn’t a small vibration plate, it also doesn’t take much room. The 28 kg weight requires a bit of attention while you’re moving the ZAAP TX-5000 around your home.

On the other hand, the machine is easy to assemble by following the detailed instructions.

Safety features

The anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms are essential advantages. However, keep in mind that the max allowed user weight is merely 120 kg.

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JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate Review – if money were no object

JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate. Powerful Whole Body Vibration Training For Fast and...
  • Whole body tri-plane vibration trainer for toning, strength,...
  • Powerful vibration movement: 30-50Hz (vibrations per...
  • Space efficient design to maximise workout area. Size:...

Total body tri-plane vibration

This design allows you to squeeze in an effective workout. The JTX Pro-10 allows you to work smarter and not harder, and the company promises that 15 minutes on the machine equates to one hour of working out.

The design features handles, so holding on to them might not challenge your balance. If you want to gain more core strength, you can simply let go of them and use your core muscles to keep you stable.

Increased muscle mass

The power straps allow you to work out your upper body while you’re doing your lower body routine. You can exercise your biceps, triceps, lats, and pecs by doing specifically-targeted upper body movements, but you can also exercise your entire body thanks to the tri-plane vibrations.

Better circulation

The JTX Pro-10 can get to a frequency of 30-50 Hz, which are a lot of vibrations per second. That means you can adjust the level of your vibration according to your desired intensity, which improves your blood circulation.

That way, you can keep your fat deposits in check and lose weight more easily.

Increased flexibility

With so many exercise types, positions, and speeds at your disposal, you can easily tone faster. Besides, the high vibration rate heals sore muscles. That, along with your increased muscle mass leads to more flexibility.

power plate reviews uk

User-friendly display

The display is easy to use and conveniently located just below the handles. You can, therefore, change your settings without changing your position.

Valuable extras

If you want to exercise your core more, the included comfort exercise mat is a life-saver.

The included workout guide is comprehensive and shows you which exercises you can do off of this machine.

You can also place the noise reduction mat under the JTX Pro-10 in case your downstairs neighbours aren’t supportive of your exercise routines.

Good warranty

The JTX Pro-10 comes with a 3-year warranty, which includes in-home repairs and free replacement parts.

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Alternatively, click here to read our full JTX Pro-10 review.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll now answer some of the most burning questions surrounding vibration machines.

How Does A Vibration Plate Work

Vibration plates vibrate – that’s a no brainer. But each vibration plate works differently depending on the type you select, the speed you’re using it at and the position you’re holding on it.

But all the vibration plates have something in common: they send very strong pulses to your muscles.

•  If you sit on your vibration plate, you can ease sciatica pain.
•  If you lie down and place your arms on top of it, it can increase the benefits of your cool down.
•  If, on the other hand, you stand on the vibration plate in a position that challenges your balance, those strong pulses will make it harder for you to keep your balance. That means you’ll burn more calories and improve your reflexes.
•  The pulses improve your blood circulation as well. The more oxygen your muscles receive during a workout, the better they can work. So vibration plates improve your stamina, which makes you work harder so you can tone faster.

All these things will feel more intense for a more challenging position and at a higher speed, but listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

How Does A Vibration Plate Help You Lose Weight

When they hear about vibration plates, many people think of vibrating belts and all those exaggerated marketing attempts to promote them as faster-than-light belly-fat burners.

But vibration plates are not marketed as miracle workers, and they’re backed by science.

That said, remember that vibration plates vibrate, so they improve blood circulation, therefore:

•  Your muscles can get more exercise. This improves your strength and therefore increases your muscle mass so you can burn more fat.
•  Your insulin levels are improved, so your tolerance for glucose is attenuated. That way, you can metabolize sugar faster instead of having it transform into fat cells.
•  Your fat cell production is stalled, and your body doesn’t make huge fat cells anymore. That way, your adipose tissue is drastically reduced.
•  More blood reaches to your liver, which can deal with fat cells faster.
•  More oxygen reaches your bloodstream, so your body can secrete more leptin – the key hormone in controlling hunger.

However, all these benefits were observed in mice. Although people and mice aren’t that different, which is why mice tests are conducted for vibration plates, it’s been observed that vibration plates benefit mice on their own.

But where humans are concerned, these state-of-the-art pieces of technology will not work unless you do your part, which means eating well and doing exercises that challenge you.

How Often Should I Use A Vibration Plate

That depends on your purposes for using one. Vibration plates aren’t dangerous, so you can use them every day, but in a way that doesn’t mess with your fitness goals.

For instance, you can use a vibration plate:

•  On Day 1, when you do your lower body exercises for your lower body, so you can make your squats and lunges more difficult.
•  On Day 2, for your upper body, to challenge your push-ups or tricep dips.
•  On Day 3, to increase the difficulty of your planks and gain more core strength.
•  And repeat.

You can also use the vibration plate at the end of your workout, to make your cool down more relaxing, by leaning your hands, back or legs on it. Or, if you’re feeling sore after a long day at the office, you can turn to your vibration plate for a good massage.

Wrap Up

If you want to get the best vibration plate for your needs, take into account your purposes and strength level.

For instance, a vibration plate with no handles can challenge your core, but it makes stability more difficult. More intense vibrations at a bigger speed improve blood circulation and reduce fat mass faster, but might be too wiggly for some. And lastly, if you want to work your body effectively, look for added resistance bands, straps, or similar versatile extras.


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