Vibration Plate Exercises: get STRONG with our 5-day plan

vibration plate exercises

Vibration plate exercises are a good way to tone and gain more strength. As the plate vibrates through your muscles, you get a better workout. Therefore, you can become fitter faster. However, it’s important to do effective exercise that challenges you. You have to work smart so that you can target your muscles comprehensively. Otherwise, …

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7 Best Pull Up Bars

best pull up bar

Pull-ups are ideal exercises. It doesn’t just work your upper body, but it improves your flexibility and endurance. If you do pull-up variations, you can build more core and leg strength. But what’s the best pull up bar? Pull-up bars come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to choose according to your fitness …

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6 Best Weighted Vests

best weighted vest uk

Weighted vests accelerate your weight loss and muscle gains because they force you to move while you’re heavier. That’s because your brain believes your bodyweight increase is real, so it tells your body to burn more calories. Besides, your muscles will work harder to sustain your heavier weight during your workout routines. But you need …

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9 Tips to train smart and build more lean muscles

how to train smart and build more muscles

Whether you’re working out from home or going to a gym, your purpose is to train smarter. After all, you want your workouts to be effective and not time-consuming, right? That’s why we included some of the best advice to help you on your fitness journey. We’ll analyse studies, talk facts, and give you great …

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5 Best Exercise Bikes Under £500

best exercise bike under £500

You don’t have enough money to buy top-notch fitness equipment for home use, and there’s no place to store it. You’re too old to start exercising, and you’re not even the heaviest of your friends. Sounds familiar? According to the British Heart Foundation, those are the most common excuses people make up to avoid exercising. …

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7 Best Treadmills Under £1000

best treadmill under £1000

Working out is healthy, but who has time to do it? That’s what most people usually say. But, if the recent COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we should do our best to stay healthy. So, if you’re like most of us shopping on a limited budget, you came to the right page. We’ll …

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Myth Busters: The Truth about Negative Calorie Foods

can you live on negative calorie foods?

If you want to lose weight, you might want to consider your calorie intake. You can reduce this caloric intake either by eating less or exercising. However, some foods gained the reputation of negative-calorie because you’re supposed to lose calories when you ingest them. So what’s the science behind that statement? And what are some …

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5 Best Free Standing Punch Bags

best free standing punch bag

Free standing punching bags are everyone’s favourites. And that happens for a reason. If you want to work out in the privacy of your home, without having to drill your walls, this equipment will give you all the convenience and oomph you need. But you’re here looking for the best free standing punch bag, right? …

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Best Mini Stepper: 5 TOP Products

best mini stepper machine uk

Us Brits are sedentary, with over 9.5 hours of office work per day, apart from the time spent in the car or watching TV. As such, the NHS says we only take 3,500 steps per day, which is very far from the 10,000 ideal. If you’re also mobility challenged or work long hours, you may …

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5 Best Folding Weight Benches

best folding weight bench uk

Going to the gym takes a lot of time. Conversely, exercising from home limits your space. But wait, aren’t foldable products flimsier and less quality than standard fitness equipment? Not if you choose the best folding weight bench. Reputable fitness brands aren’t compromising quality, but it’s up to you to identify your needs and get …

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Hi there! I'm Vic, 31, and I can proudly call myself an avid fitness enthusiast. Along the years, I've been both fit and chubby but I choose the fit version of me any day. I have two little angels to look after now so I had to trade the gym membership for home fitness equipment. And I happily managed to. Therefore, I want to share my experience with you, the readers, in regards to what I consider the best equipment for home use. Thanks for sticking around for so long and I hope there's many more years to come of sharing ideas together!