6 Best Rebounders

best rebounder uk reviews

You may have heard that NASA recommends trampoline jumping, but did you know that not all trampolines are created equal? You need the best rebounder to protect your knees, strengthen your bones, and increase your muscle mass. A suitable home rebounder will protect you against injury and will give you the right bounce to stabilise …

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Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill Review: Does It Live Up To Its Hype?

branx fitness foldable 'elite runner pro' soft drop system treadmill - 6.5hp motor 0-22 level auto incline - 'dual shock 10-point absorption system review

Each time you buy a product, you want to know the pros and cons. Is your purchase worth the money? The same goes for treadmills. You want to know how well they perform, if they’re durable and if they help you reach your fitness goals. That’s why we decided to review the Branx Fitness Elite …

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Hi there! I'm Vic, 30, and I can proudly call myself an avid fitness enthusiast. Along the years, I've been both fit and chubby but I choose the fit version of me any day. I have two little angels to look after now so I had to trade the gym membership for home fitness equipment. And I happily managed to. Therefore, I want to share my experience with you, the readers, in regards to what I consider the best equipment for home use. Thanks for sticking around for so long and I hope there's many more years to come of sharing ideas together!