Gearstone Treadmill Folding 2 in 1 Review

Walking may not be natural to you if you’re driving to work, sitting down for long periods, and there’s a pandemic looming around. At the same time, you need to stay healthy.

Walking has many recognised benefits for your health. It improves heart and lung performance, strengthens your muscles and bones, prevents chronic pain, it improves mood and so forth.

It benefits all people, whether you’re locked in your flat, recovering from an injury, or home with a newborn. Gearstone Treadmill will help because it’s comfortable, easy-to-use, and rugged.

However, Gearstone Treadmill isn’t best for everyone. We’ll discuss why below:

  • Quality materials
  • Safe and solid
  • Joint-friendly
  • You can use it without unfolding
  • 1-15 km/h speed
  • Powerful and quiet 2 HP motor
  • Responsive and large touchscreen
  • Intuitive remote
  • Foldable
  • Portable via moving casters
  • Device holder
  • It tends to get slightly hot
  • Narrow running deck
  • No incline
  • No heart rate measurements
  • Short cable
  • The device holder can’t fit a tablet
GEARSTONE Treadmill Folding 2 in 1,Powerful 2HP Motor, 1-15km/h with 2 Preset Sport Modes,...
384 Reviews
GEARSTONE Treadmill Folding 2 in 1,Powerful 2HP Motor, 1-15km/h with 2 Preset Sport Modes,...
  • 【Safety】: Make sure that the Safety Key is in place when...
  • 【GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill】: GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill...
  • 【Powerful Motor & 2 Preset Sport Modes】: Very powerful...

Materials And Safety

Gearstone Treadmill is a rugged piece of equipment because its frame is made of steel. As such, this running band is durable and steady.

Besides, the running belt is made from several layers that absorb impacts to your joints. That means you can run for longer without feeling pain or getting injured.

To top this, Gearstone Treadmill features a safety key. Remember to set it up properly before hopping on for a jog.

Modes And Speeds

We’ll start with the good news: you can use the Gearstone Treadmill without unfolding it. In this case, your speed range will be more restricted, between 1 and 4 km/h. This option will benefit you if you’re recovering from an injury or you’re building up to walking stamina because you’re a beginner.

It’s also an excellent alternative if you don’t have a lot of room in your house.

You can use the Running Mode when you’ve unfolded the band. This option is best if you have more space in your room or want to challenge yourself.

However, remember that the maximum speed is 15 km/h. This sort of upper-speed limit shows good potential for scalability. If you’re a beginner now, you’ll still be able to use Gearstone Treadmill once you’ve built up some running endurance.

15 km/h is a decent speed for intermediates and training for marathons. If you’re an expert, you probably need more wind.

But remember this:

Gearstone Treadmill is a foldable piece of equipment, and 15 km/h is more than enough for these bands.

Conversely, choose the Walking Mode of up to 6 km/h if you need less of a challenge. You can still do some fast-paced walking that burns lots of calories and improves your cardiovascular performance at this speed too.

Walking is a full-body workout, and you can quickly get in your fat-burning zone if you’re challenging yourself appropriately. That way, you’ll burn through your fat stores rapidly.

For example, a 60 kg woman of 1.70 can get her heart rate up to 150 bpm and burn up to 200 kcal every half an hour when reaching 6 km/h.

Powerful Motor

Gearstone Treadmill features a 2 HP motor. Granted, we’ve seen treadmills – even foldable treadmills – that sport 3 HP engines. However, it’s essential to consider your goals.

For beginners and intermediates, 2 HP is enough to offer challenging workouts. Besides, this motor can activate the workout modes we discussed above without faltering.

Besides, customers agree that Gearstone Treadmill is a quiet running band. That means you can exercise quietly without bothering your roommates or that ever-crying baby who finally fell asleep.

Here’s the thing, though:

Some customers claim that Gearstone Treadmill tends to get a little hot, especially after intensive training.

This “issue” isn’t a deal-breaker if your apartment is breezy because of your area’s weather, you have air conditioning, or you can place the treadmill near an open door. However, it may become insufferable if your house tends to get too hot.

Dimensions And Feel

Most customers agree that Gearstone Treadmill has a professional feel to it, in the sense that it’s like a mini gym version. We agree that the multi-layer track feels genuinely substantial because it’s so shock-absorbing.

Besides, the treadmill’s upper weight limit is 120 kg. That means even some heavy-weight people can use it for comprehensive workouts.

But there’s another thing to consider before purchasing a treadmill: its dimensions.

Gearstone Treadmill’s racing area is 110 x 40 cm, meaning it’s pretty narrow compared to other models.

These dimensions should not be a deal-breaker if:

  • You’re below 6 feet tall.
  • You’re a newbie.
  • You need a treadmill primarily for walking or slow-speed jogging.
  • You can run neatly without taking giant steps.


Gearstone Treadmill features a remote and LCD Touch Screen. The screen is easy to use because the icons are large, and the screen is very responsive. That means you can start and stop the band effortlessly, plus adjust your running speed without taking a more extended break.

Side-note: we all know how annoying it is to stop in the middle of your workout to adjust your equipment. You’re losing motivation, time, momentum, and so you more likely to give up working out altogether.

That’s why we appreciate Gearstone Treadmill so much.

Exercising on it is genuinely seamless, even if you haven’t used exercise equipment so far.

There’s more: the added remote control is also responsive and intuitive. If you don’t want to use the touch screen, use the remote.


We already discussed some things about the display, such as the large icons and its high responsiveness. That means the screen is easy to read.

But what can you read?

Gearstone Treadmill gives you the basic stats:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Calories

Unfortunately, you can’t read your heart rate with this treadmill. Yes, we know, other treadmills in this price range or a bit higher offer you the pulse option too.

Remember, though, that Gearstone Treadmill is best for beginners.

A newbie will be less interested in heart rate, especially if their purpose is to lose weight and start moving.

However, if you need a targeted workout that takes your heart rate into account, you can get an affordable yet accurate MiFit band.

Foldable And Portable

gearstone 2 in 1 treadmill

You probably already figured out that Gearstone Treadmill is foldable. It’s in the title, after all! Plus, the brand says the quick-folding system works like a charm because you can store this treadmill seamlessly to save more space.

Luckily, most customers agree. People are saying they can fit their treadmills under their sofas or in otherwise cramped spaces.

Reviewers also agree that it’s easy to fold the Gearstone Treadmill by simply unlocking a lever.

You also have transport casters to move the treadmill from place to place.

And here’s where we could get picky if we wanted to.

For example, we could argue that multi-direction casters would have been better to move the Gearstone Treadmill around the house quickly.

Also, the machine weighs 38 kg. Therefore, it’s not something you can carry upstairs-downstairs every day if you don’t have enough strength.

Finally, the arms don’t fold, so you may have to remove them altogether before storing the Gearstone Treadmill. Or, you can choose not to use them at all.

GEARSTONE Treadmill Folding 2 in 1,Powerful 2HP Motor, 1-15km/h with 2 Preset Sport Modes,...
384 Reviews
GEARSTONE Treadmill Folding 2 in 1,Powerful 2HP Motor, 1-15km/h with 2 Preset Sport Modes,...
  • 【Safety】: Make sure that the Safety Key is in place when...
  • 【GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill】: GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill...
  • 【Powerful Motor & 2 Preset Sport Modes】: Very powerful...


Gearstone Treadmill features a device holder for your phone or iPod. Therefore, you can build up your motivation with your favourite tunes. Or, if you’re one of those people who hate working out, you can use the distraction.

You can also connect the Bluetooth speakers if you dislike earbuds. Plus, this system is more than reliable for a treadmill in this price range.

Other Things Customers Like

Many customers are over the moon because Gearstone delivers its treadmills quickly, within a day or two after ordering. That way, you can start exercising without delay.

Other people like the effortless setup. After getting the thing out of its box, you only have to attach the phone holder and the armrests.

Things That Customers Dislike

The first and probably most important thing that people dislike is Gearstone’s running area. Remember what we discussed above, though: consider the running deck size according to your needs.

If you want a sturdy treadmill that feels like a mini-gym machine, Gearstone is best for all-speed walking, beginners, and petite people.

Another disadvantage is the lack of incline.

If you want a muscle-torching workout without cranking up the speed, incline would be excellent. Walking or running at an incline burns more calories and builds more strength in your legs. Besides, this type of workout increases your cardiovascular capacity and endurance.

However, your purpose may be different. For example, many people want to become more mobile.

You already know WHO and NHS recommend 10,000 steps per day. Well, average-speed for an hour while bingeing Netflix adds 6,000 steps to your count.

You may also buy this treadmill because you’re recovering from an injury, you want to gain more speed, you’re space-challenged, etc.

So these things above are negative points only if they don’t fit your size and fitness goals.

Here are other things to consider:

First, the cable is short, below a metre. That means you’ll need to place the treadmill close enough to a wall socket or have an extension cord at hand.

Secondly, the phone holder is pretty narrow. Many people would prefer a larger device holder for their tablets or iPads. That’s why some customers place the Gearstone Treadmill near desks or attach their tablets with elastic cords.

In Conclusion

Gearstone Treadmill is a high-quality, practical piece of equipment. It’s robust, it folds seamlessly, and you can even use it under a standing desk. This treadmill features a powerful and quiet motor and helps you burn many calories, even for walking.

However, the Gearstone running band isn’t perfect. Because of its narrow running area, we don’t recommend it to tall people or expert runners. You should also consider some of its other lacks that may affect your workout, such as the absence of an incline mode.

Other faults include a short power cord, narrow device holder, and no heart rate option.

However, the Gearstone Treadmill is definitely a functional machine that will help you become fit fast if you weigh these pros and cons.

GEARSTONE Treadmill Folding 2 in 1,Powerful 2HP Motor, 1-15km/h with 2 Preset Sport Modes,...
384 Reviews
GEARSTONE Treadmill Folding 2 in 1,Powerful 2HP Motor, 1-15km/h with 2 Preset Sport Modes,...
  • 【Safety】: Make sure that the Safety Key is in place when...
  • 【GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill】: GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill...
  • 【Powerful Motor & 2 Preset Sport Modes】: Very powerful...

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