JTX Treadmills Review: in-depth comparison

If you want to exercise more, a treadmill is a good choice. JTX is one of the best brands of gym equipment, so it’s great that you decided to buy a treadmill from them.

But which JTX treadmill is the best for your needs?

If you’re tired of reading descriptive reviews, you came to the right place. We’ll compare all the most important features of these treadmills so that you’ll know exactly what to choose.

You’ll also reach your fitness goals faster because each treadmill serves a different purpose.

Keep reading to find the right treadmill for your needs.

JTX Treadmill Review

For all you Tl;dr-ers, here are the spoilers:

  • JTX Slim Line: Best for beginners; low-price range; low-grade strength
  • JTX Sprint 3: Best for motivation; low-price range; low-grade strength
  • JTX Sprint 5: Best for total body training; mid-price range; mid-grade strength;
  • JTX Sprint 7: Best for quick weight loss; mid-price range; semi-commercial strength
  • JTX Sprint 9: Best for personalized training; high price range; commercial grade
  • JTX Club-Pro: Best for intense, whole family use; high price range; commercial grade

JTX Slimline Review: best for beginners

JTX Slim Line Flat Foldable Running Machine - Folding Treadmill - Compact, Electric,...
65 Reviews
JTX Slim Line Flat Foldable Running Machine - Folding Treadmill - Compact, Electric,...
  • THIS COMPACT FOLDING TREADMILL: delivers an outstanding...
  • ELECTRIC & MOTORISED: With a 1.5 HP high grade motor and a...
  • 15 LEVELS OF INCLINE: The large running deck has an 8 point...

JTX says that Slim Line is their best-selling compact model because it’s effective and convenient.

The Slim Line is a good choice if you have a small house and that stops you from working out. Besides, this treadmill has 15 incline levels and a max speed of 14 km/h so that it will definitely challenge you.

You can use this treadmill for low as well as high-impact activities and still find a challenging workout. For instance, walking uphill can be just as hard as running on flat terrain. Besides, the Slim Line treadmill is quiet and very stable.

Besides, the JTX Slim Line has a wide display that’s easy to read so that you can see all your metrics in real-time. You even get heart rate training with pulse sensors, and you can choose one of the available seven programs to improve your workouts.

The JTX Slimline can support a total weight of 110 kg; it has a 1-year warranty and no included accessories.

That’s why the JTX Slim Line is best for beginners who need scalable, low-impact workouts to improve their fitness level.

Firstly, the 14 km/h max speed gives you plenty of room to evolve. Secondly, the 15 incline levels are good for newbies who can’t go straight to running but prefer incline walking for extra training. Thirdly, the heart sensor tells you if you’re straining yourself too much. And finally, even the lack of accessories is good for newbies who have to stay focused on their routines.

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JTX Sprint 3 Review: best for motivation

JTX Sprint 3 Folding Treadmill, Electric, 16kph, Auto-Incline, 40 Workout Programs, 120kg...
  • LARGE JTX CUSHIONSTEP RUNNING DECK 129 (l) x 46 (w) cm. 8...
  • EASY TO USE, INTUITIVE COMPUTER. View your speed, time,...

Some people might say that the JTX Sprint 3 is a better treadmill than the Slim Line because it has a longer, 2-year warranty, you can reach 16 km/ h, and you can choose from 40 programs. Besides, the Sprint 3 has a more joint-friendly deck considering it features the patented Cushionstep™ technology.

However, Sprint 3 has some minuses when you compare it to the Slim Line. For instance, it has only 12 incline levels between 0 and 12% and no heart rate measurements.

Take into account that the Sprint 3 can accommodate people up to 120kg, which is 10kg more than the Slim Line. This treadmill is also bigger and 4 kg heavier, but it comes with a tablet holder so that you can watch some shows while exercising.

So while the JTX Slim Line was best for beginners who need to increase the difficulty of their workouts, the JTX Sprint 3 is best for people who lack the motivation to train. And, also, people who don’t particularly want a lot of challenges.

Here’s why. First, you can change through 40 programs so that you’ll never get bored. You even get an included tablet holder for your tablet to keep you entertained during your workouts.

But if you add the tablet, you won’t be able to focus as much on your workouts, which means you want to tune out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you work out to reduce stress.

Other clues towards these conclusions are the lack of heart rate measurements and the 12% incline. After all, if you get a low heart rate stat, it means you’re not working hard enough. And a bigger available incline could actually demotivate you towards working out simply because it’s THERE.

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JTX Sprint 5 Review: best for total body training

JTX Sprint-5 Foldable Home Treadmill, 18kph, 2.5hp Motor, 12 Levels Of Auto Incline,...
  • LARGE JTX CUSHIONSTEP RUNNING DECK 140 (l) x 48 (w) cm. 8...
  • ACCURATE HEART RATE TRAINING. Large LCD monitor displays...

The JTX Sprint 5 is bigger and heavier than the JTX 3, and, obviously, bigger than the JTX Slim Line. However, it can withstand people up to 140 kg and it’s sturdier, considering that it’s backed by a three-year warranty. The bigger running deck feels more comfortable, but it also takes up more space in your house.

So, one reason to get JTX Sprint 5 instead of Slim Line or Sprint 3 is that you’re heavier.

But if you’re less than 110-120 kg, you should choose Sprint 5 if you need intense total body training, including weight training to tone all your muscles.

One reason is that Sprint 5 comes with hand weights, unlike Sprint 3, Sprint 7, or Slim Line.

Besides, the Sprint 5 will give you an awesome cardio workout as well because it has more programs and a higher max speed than Sprint 3 or Slim Line. So, you can run as fast as 18 km/h and try the 43 available programs on the Cushionstep™-deck that absorbs impacts well, just like in the case of Sprint 3.

The incorporated heart rate sensor will also help you stay in the right heart rate zone so that your workouts are safe and challenging at the same time.

The only downside is that the Sprint 5 isn’t very challenging in terms of incline. This treadmill has just 12 levels up to 12% incline, just like the Sprint 3.

You may also think the lack of tablet holder is a downside, but it’s not if you want to focus on your workouts.

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JTX Sprint 7 Review: best for quick weight loss

JTX Sprint-7, High Performance Treadmill, 20kph, Zwift Compatible, 3hp Motor, Foldable,...
  • LARGE CUSHIONSTEP™ RUNNING DECK. 145cm (l) x 51cm (w)...
  • ZWIFT & KINOMAP COMPATIBLE. Connect to Zwift & Kinomaps via...

The JTX Sprint 5 is versatile enough to accommodate different training types. This treadmill has various incline levels, it’s durable, and you can get to a speed of 20 km/h, which is 2 km/h more than the JTX Sprint 5.

If you look at the official description on the JTX website, you’ll read that JTX recommends their Sprint 7 for effective endurance training that gives you fast results.

We think that JTX is right, especially if you compare the Sprint 7 with Sprint 5, which is also feature-packed and has free hand weights. So why is the Sprint 7 better for quick results?

The reasons are that the Sprint 7 has more incline levels than Sprint 5, its maximum allowed speed is 20 km/h instead of 18 km/h, and it has no weights. Besides, it accommodates people up to 160 kg while the Sprint 5’s max user weight is 140 kg.

Let’s analyze each of these differences. First, the incline levels. It’s obvious that a bigger incline means more effort, aka more calories burnt and a better muscle tone.

Second, the 2km/h speed difference. You may think that a beginner won’t care about this feature because it’s difficult enough to get to 18 km/h. However, JTX 7 is best for people who want to see fast results in their fitness leveland stay in good shape.

So even if you’re usually at a 10 km/h speed, you can at least try the 20 km/h option for short 20-sec intervals. That’s called HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which is shown to have faster effects on fat loss than cardio.

Third, you might be confused about the no-weights thing. How is this an advantage? Well, Sprint 7 is best if you want to lose weight quickly. Strength training puts more weight on your body as your muscle mass increases.

And, if you’re looking at the 160 kg weight limit, you realize that Sprint 7 targets heavy people. If you’re heavier, you’ll notice that you’ll lose a lot of weight during the first few weeks with cardio. After you get to a weight that motivates you, start weight training too so you can tone and burn more fat stores.

But if you start weight training from the beginning, you might not see a quick weight loss progress, which is very demotivating for some people.

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JTX Sprint 9 Review: best for personalised training

JTX Sprint-9, Bluetooth Treadmill, Gym Standard, 20kph, Zwift Compatible, 3hp Motor,...
  • EXTRA LARGE RUNNING DECK: 52cm x 153cm. 20kph max speed. 15...
  • ZWIFT & KINOMAP COMPATIBILITY Keep your workout entertaining...

When you look at the official specs for the Sprint 7 and Sprint 9, you find these two models aren’t that different.

So, although the Sprint 9 has a larger running deck than the Sprint 7, it appears to have similar features. It has the same max 20 km/h running speed, the same shock-absorbing Cushionstep deck, and the same number of incline levels.

The JTX Sprint 7 vs. 9 comparison boils down to two things. First, the maximum user weight is 180 kg, which is 20 kg more than with the Sprint 7. Obviously, if you’re over 160 kg, JTX 9 is your best bet because this gym-quality treadmill is safe, stable, and comes with a bonus protection mat for your floors.

The second difference is that Sprint 9 features 24 advanced training programs, three custom programs, and heart rate training. We’re reminding you that Sprint 7 features 43 programs.

These two differences cost you £600. So why should you choose the Sprint 9 instead of Sprint 7 if you’re not over 160 kg?

First, Sprint 9 is a commercial-grade treadmill, whereas Sprint 7 is a semi-commercial grade treadmill. That means Sprint 9 is even better at reducing impacts to your feet, ankles, hips, and knees. If you’re recovering from injury, or already have chronic bone pain, choose Sprint 9.

Secondly, Sprint 9 offers you better options for personalized training. Although it has 19 fewer auto programs than Sprint 7, Sprint 9 offers you the chance to create and save three custom programs. As such, you can mix and match various features to make the best programs for your needs and goals.

Besides, Sprint 9 boasts heart-rate training, which means the treadmill will adjust its resistance depending on your heart rate. That’s the epitome of personalized training, seeing as the difficulty of your workouts is dictated by your heart rate.

Rest assured the Polar chest strap inside the pack is very accurate, plus you get access to all your stats. That way, you can keep track of your improvements and adjust your fitness goals accordingly.

Pro tip: Ask your PT for some advice so that you can create personalised effective workouts.

Find out more on JTX Fitness.

JTX Club-Pro Review: best for intense, whole family use

Find out more on JTX Fitness.

Add £400 to the JTX 9 price, and you get in the high-end price range for treadmills. That’s exactly where you’ll find the JTX Club-Pro.

Keep in mind that JTX markets this treadmill as a luxury, durable piece of equipment that can endure rough workouts.

The first thing you’ll notice when you compare it to all the models above is that the Club Pro isn’t foldable and it’s the biggest JTX treadmill here. So, you need to have plenty of room for it in your home.

The size of it tells you another thing, too: you need to have plenty of motivation to workout. Otherwise, a big, clunky, gym machine that cost you a month’s budget may be completely demoralising. Plenty of articles suggest that getting an affordable and compact home gym machine is better for newbies. In that case, you have to be either a passionate treadmill runner or know your goals very well.

Secondly, the Club Pro has a wider deck, which makes it more comfortable for tall and heavy people. Otherwise, it can support 180kg, just like JTX 9.

However, the main reason to get the JTX Club Pro is that it’s rated for intense use. You can use this machine for intense training up to seven hours per day so that everyone in your family can squeeze in at least an hour run. You can even let your friends have a go.

Other reasons why the JTX Club Pro is best for families and intense use are that it has a max speed of 22 km/h (2 km/h more than Sprint 9) and 43 workout programs (19 more than Sprint 9).

The lack of memory function and customized programs is a disadvantage. Sure, maybe your family would quarrel over the three memory settings of JTX Sprint 9, but that doesn’t mean you have to remove customized programs altogether, right JTX? Maybe adding a few more slots when you upgrade the Club Pro would be a better idea.

Find out more on JTX Fitness.

In Conclusion

The six JTX models above have various similarities we didn’t mention above. For instance, they all have safety keys, transport wheels, speakers, and an 8 Point shock system. And all of them except for Club Pro, are foldable.

Otherwise, these treadmills are very different. We arranged them in increasing price order. But, as their price increases, their horse-power, size, and resistance to high-impact workouts also increase.

Now you have all the info you need to settle on the right JTX treadmill. That way, you can achieve your fitness goals and become a better you in just a few short weeks.


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